1. NomNom

    8mm Video tapes to Pc?

    I need to put 8mm Video tapes on my Pc and then to DVD discs, what's the best way to do this? I have the camcorder also. This is what the tape looks like:
  2. D

    Samsung HMX-H300 or GoPro HD Hero 2

    So maybe you guys can give me your idee or experience on this. I am reasonable active and am a Scuba diver and Paraglider. I am looking for a camcorder that I can strap on to my helmet for paragliding and use for recording the family and the baby and so on and the diving is a bonus but not a...
  3. jes

    Toshiba Camileo S30 camcorder review (MyBroadband)

    Toshiba Camileo S30 camcorder review (MyBroadband) The Toshiba Camileo S30 is a full HD camcorder. We take it for a spin to see if it's picture perfect.
  4. X

    Unbelievable price for Samsung Full HD Camcorder

    Was looking the last 2 weeks for a compact cheapish HD camcorder mainly to record the family activities. The reviews of the pocket size HD camcorders (Sanyo, etc) all indicated that the quality was just OK but not great especially in low light and fast moving scenes. So looked at better...
  5. R

    First Time Buyer - newbie

    Hi Guys, I’m an IT guy with no photography background. My company has asked me to purchase 2 cameras for video and stills. I am based in Durban and cannot find any decent places i can test out equipment. I also narrowed my choice down to the Canon D550 for stills and the Canon HV20 for...
  6. E

    Esquire Goodies and Gadgets

    Hi All For this week, we offering some really great pricing on Goodies and Gadgets especially on the BenQ Full HD CamCorder that has just been launched. to view these specials click on the link for your branch
  7. D

    Dion Wired Imaging Hardware Specials

    Hi everyone, I am looking around for a digital camcorder--and came across the following specials at Dion Wired: (valid from 6 to 16 November 2008) I am a total n00b to digital camcorders etc and was wondering if any of these...
  8. S

    What do you call that camcorder?

    MODS please dont move to Multimedia - this is a general question. I always see in the movies okes with these small HDD? video cams - what are these called? Hand-held camcorder? I was at my sons concert the other day and this guy was shooting with on in a school hall - amazing zoom and...