1. NeonNinja

    What's the Catch?

    (New) VW Tenaciti. R1195 p/m x 72 including warranty. No deposit. 30% risidual (what ever that is), 10.5% interest rate. P.S I kno nothing about buying cars.
  2. Nimz

    Need help Buying a car ...60K to spend....Help?

    I have R60000 to spend on a car..... I had a Clio 1.6 my parents took it now its time to buy my own car I need help deciding what to get... These are what i have been looking at getting Peugeot 206 GTi Alfa 147 A3 1.8T Are any of these worth that price...
  3. Rouxenator

    Car Free Day.... not a good idea
  4. Rouxenator

    European Car of the Year - Total points standings

    Taking the points given to manufacturers that had cars in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place since 1964 reveals some pretty interesting results. Well done FIAT :o...
  5. Rouxenator

    Your favorite car not sold in SA ?

    With the advent of the internet many people got the chance to learn a lot more about the model ranges of car makers. Some models are sold under different model or brand names in other countries with different spec levels - often better than what we get here in SA. For example, did you know the...
  6. T

    In Toyota's Defence Sounds as if he might have a point there.
  7. RazedInBlack

    Accidents and Towing!

    So, you are not legally bound to have your car towed by any towing company. But: The National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 and the National Road Traffic Regulations published in Government Notice No R.225 of 17 March 2000 stipulate the regulatory requirements for the towing of vehicles. The...
  8. C

    What vehicles have you owned/purchased?

    I have just bought a new Ford Ranger 3.0 XLT Supercab and I'm waiting for the window tinting to be finished to pick it up. I am very excited lol. This is the first time I will be driving a bakkie though so please stay out of a black Ford Ranger's way if you are in Cape Town lol! Here are the...
  9. DWPTA


    US Big Three So the first of the big three is starting to feel the punch. As posted before about 2 million people can loose their jobs if the US government don't send a rescue plan.
  10. T

    Air Powered Car... WTF!!!!!!

    I just checked Future Car on Discovery Channel & saw something about this.. Damn this would be cool if they can develop it a bit more and make those cars faster and have a way where the car got an onboard compressor to fill the tanks while you drive no needing to stop and refill.. :D:D:D...
  11. R

    Friday driving!

    Can anyone please explain to me what is with drivers on Fridays? I don’t understand how the same ppl that you see on the road every other day of the week completely lets go on a Friday… I am not kidding, it’s ridiculous! I was almost killed this morning because some idiot in one of those massive...
  12. E

    Where's the best place to buy car for under R40k in CT?

    Hi relatively new to this forum and could use your advice. I'm looking for a second car (run around) for under R40 000 cash. Not fancy but reliable with warranty ect. Where is a place in Cape Town with a good reputation of value that I can try ? Thanks.