city of ekurhuleni

  1. Jan

    Bedfordview stuck without power for 4-5 days after failed cable theft

    Days-long Eskom power outage after cable theft Bedfordview residents can expect to be without power for days after a critical power cable was damaged in a failed attempt to steal it, Eskom said in a statement on Tuesday. The cable supplies the City of Ekurhuleni's Bedfordview substation.
  2. C

    Social Media Engagement's Impact on a City's brand

    Hi All I am a 2015 MBA student at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), the Business School of the University of Pretoria. As part of my MBA, I am currently conducting a study to determine what impact Social Media engagement has on a City's brand? What we want to understand...
  3. jes

    LTE spectrum policy drafted

    LTE spectrum policy direction drafted Some progress on the long-awaited spectrum policy direction