community investment ventures holdings (civh)

  1. Jan

    Vumatel sees 50% revenue increase, CIVH valuation now at R27 billion

    Vumatel and DFA now worth R27 billion Remgro released its financial results for the year ended 30 June 2021, which revealed a strong performance of Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH). CIVH is a growing telecommunications player through its subsidiaries, Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa...
  2. Jan

    WOAN set up for failure - unless government stops interfering

    WOAN set to fail — but there is one way to make it work The South African government’s ambitious plan to launch a wireless open-access network (WOAN) is doomed to failure unless it allows a company that knows what it’s doing to operate it. Government’s intentions behind the WOAN are ostensibly...
  3. Jan

    Vumatel and DFA now have a higher valuation than Telkom's market cap

    Vumatel and DFA now more valuable than Telkom Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), which owns Vumatel and DFA, is valued at R23.2 billion — higher than Telkom’s market cap of R22.3 billion. Remgro revealed this valuation in its recent announcement about a CIVH rights offer in which...
  4. Jan

    Remgro raises R3.72 billion in equity, pays off debt incurred to buy Vumatel

    Vumatel owner raises R3.72 billion Remgro announced that it is participating in a rights offer being undertaken by Community Investment Ventures Holdings Proprietary Limited (CIVH), which successfully raised R3.72 billion in equity. Prior to the transaction, Remgro held a 55.2% stake in CIVH.
  5. Jan

    CIVH is getting a new name

    New name for South African telecoms powerhouse Community Investment Ventures (CIVH), which owns Vumatel, DFA, and Sqwidnet, is set to change its name and company branding. This is feedback from CIVH CEO, Raymond Ndlovu who spoke to MyBroadband about the planned CIVH brand change. CIVH is...
  6. Jan

    The new man in charge of DFA - Andries Delport

    Andries Delport — The new man in charge of DFA Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) recently announced that its CTO Andries Delport would take over as DFA CEO from Thinus Mulder on 1 October 2021. CIVH CEO and DFA chairman Raymond Ndlovu said Delport would immediately become more...