community investment ventures holdings (civh)

  1. Jan

    Maziv vs Openserve in homes passed, homes connected, and capex

    South Africa's fibre war Vumatel has reported a significant increase in the number of homes connected to its fibre network, once again overtaking Telkom-owned Openserve. Telkom reported higher connection numbers in a voluntary fourth-quarter trading update in February, briefly overtaking...
  2. Jan

    Remgro expects Competition Commission answer on Vodacom deal to buy CIVH by end-March

    Vodacom's R13.2-billion deal to buy Vumatel — Competition Commission answer expected in days Remgro strategic investments head Pieter Uys says they are confident the Competition Commission will issue a recommendation on Vodacom’s proposed deal to acquire a co-controlling stake in CIVH for...
  3. Jan

    Remgro report 900% earnings jump from Vumatel and DFA owner CIVH

    Vumatel and DFA earnings jump 900% DFA and Vumatel recorded a massive jump in profits of 900% over the last six months of 2022, according to Remgro's most recent results. The holding company said that the two fibre infrastructure providers' parent Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH)...
  4. Jan

    Raymond Ndlovu steps down as CIVH CEO, Remgro announces Vumatel and DFA African push

    Vumatel parent company announces African expansion plans as CEO steps down Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa’s parent company has announced plans to expand into the rest of Africa. At the same time, Raymond Ndlovu has stepped down as CEO of Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), with his...
  5. Jan

    DFA cable vandalised in Western Gauteng

    Criminals wreck DFA cable, create network problems Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has informed customers that a section of its network in Western Gauteng has been vandalised, disrupting parts of its network. “Devastating cable vandalism incidents continue to plague the country, in this case, causing...
  6. Jan

    Control of DFA's I-ECS and I-ECNS licences transferring to Vodacom on 1 December

    Vodacom gets control of Dark Fibre Africa's network and service licences The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has approved the transfer of Dark Fibre Africa’s network and service licences. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Icasa said it approved a series of...
  7. Jan

    Herotel and Metrofibre discuss their big fibre plans

    South African fibre war — Herotel and MetroFibre's big plans Fibre network operators (FNOs) Herotel and MetroFibre have big plans to expand their operations in South Africa and to different market segments. This includes passing more homes in the country and developing solutions for...
  8. Jan

    CIVH announces new name of Vumatel and DFA parent company - MAZIV

    Vumatel and DFA get MAZIV Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) has announced that the parent company's identity for its two fibre network assets — Vumatel and DFA — is MAZIV. CIVH is the Remgro and New GX-controlled parent company of fibre infrastructure operators Dark Fibre Africa...
  9. Jan

    South Africa's biggest telcos by market cap (or valuation)

    Biggest telecoms companies in South Africa — Vodacom vs MTN and Telkom vs CIVH MTN is the most valuable telecommunications company in South Africa, with a market capitalisation of R228.15 billion, beating its main rival Vodacom which has a market cap of R224.62 billion. A company's market...
  10. Jan

    Vumatel, DFA parent company makes first profit

    Vumatel parent company turns profitable Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa parent company Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) has turned profitable, Remgro reported in its 2022 annual financial results released Tuesday. Vumatel and DFA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of CIVH, while Remgro...
  11. Jan

    Analyst warns MTN's acquisition of Telkom could cause higher data prices

    MTN's Telkom buyout could be bad news for data prices — Analyst Consumers should not expect price cuts on mobile data or voice calls should MTN's proposed acquisition of Telkom go ahead. That is according to World Wide Worx's Arthur Goldstruck, who spoke to Sunday newspaper Rapport.
  12. Jan

    Herotel reduces 75Mbps and 100Mbps prices, free upgrades for existing customers

    Herotel cuts prices and rolls out fibre speed upgrades Herotel has informed subscribers on its 75Mbps and 100Mbps home fibre services that it is upgrading their speeds for free. This comes as the closed access fibre network operator reduced the prices of its two mid-range fibre products.
  13. Jan

    Vumatel beats Telkom despite years of monopoly advantage

    South Africa's fibre war goes nuclear Vumatel broke Telkom's fixed-line broadband monopoly in South Africa and established itself as the leader in the fibre-to-the-home market. Telkom must now play catch-up in an area it dominated for over a decade and enjoyed a tremendous advantage.
  14. Jan

    Telkom and MTN issue further cautionary announcement to shareholders

    Everyone wants a piece of Telkom MTN and Telkom have issued cautionary announcements on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange news service confirming that discussions between the two companies are still underway. This comes after Telkom received several unsolicited offers in recent weeks, including...
  15. Jan

    South African fibre operators spending billions on their networks

    Fibre network operators spend billions growing their networks Analytico's 2022 South African Fibre Report revealed that CIVH's fibre subsidiary (comprising Vumatel and DFA) and Openserve had spent a combined R5.7 billion on their fibre rollouts over the last year. Analytico is a research...
  16. Jan

    Vumacam's "secret" plan to use CCTV poles as 5G towers

    Using Vumacam poles for 5G base stations Vumatel's Vumacam poles across Johannesburg could soon be used as 5G base stations, the fibre network operator's parent company Remgro revealed during an investor presentation in June 2022. Remgro-owned Community Investment Ventures Holdings is...
  17. Jan

    Vumatel hoping to increase Herotel stake to 100%

    Vumatel wants to buy 100% of Herotel Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH), Vumatel's holding company, wants to increase its share in Herotel from 48% to 100% to help it reach "secondary" cities. Vumatel acquired a 45% stake in Herotel in February 2022.
  18. Jan

    How MTN and Telkom could get the Competition Commission to approve their deal this time

    What MTN really wants from Telkom For MTN to get the Competition Commission’s approval to acquire Telkom, it must structure the deal extremely carefully. “This was a very predictable reaction to the Vodacom-CIVH deal,” Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions founder Dominic Cull told MyBroadband.
  19. Jan

    People in Alexandra's informal settlement use between 3GB and 4GB per day - Vuma

    How much data South Africans who live in shacks use if you give them uncapped Internet Among the poorest households in South Africa use up to 3GB or 4GB of data per day if you give them uncapped Internet for free. That was one of the notable remarks from Vumatel CEO Dietlof Mare during a...
  20. Jan

    Vumatel vs Openserve - R18.5 billion market cap vs R44 billion valuation

    David versus Goliath — A tale of two telecommunications companies On Tuesday, 14 June 2022, Telkom released its annual financial results for the year ended 31 March 2022, revealing a company struggling to grow. Revenue was down 1.1% to R42.8 billion, and earnings before interest, taxes...