1. DotKomrade

    Is Core writing off laptops that are actually fine?

    I've had an interesting eye-opener in the last week. A friend brought around two laptops that had been written off by Core - 2013 15" Macbook Pro apparently needed a screen replacement for R11k. And she gave me a 2012 13 inch "for parts" which was also written off quite a while ago. I reset...
  2. W

    Pebble 2/Pebble Time 2/Pebble Core

    Pebble have just released three new products via Kickstarter. Last I checked, the goal was $1,000,000 and they were on $5,000,000. Obviously a great demand for these new products. Anyone thinking of getting 1 and which 1? I love the look of the Pebble Time 2.
  3. M

    Quoted R4,000 to replace HDD - iStore Sandton Drive

    Long story short: Macbook Pro 2011 15" has been turning off a lot, and I took it to the Sandton Drive iStore. Firstly, their service SUCKS. You have to book to speak to a consultant, but they dont even bother with a schedule so you are wasting your time. Waited in line for 20 mins, nobody...
  4. joppenheim

    DSTV Explora and Xtraview installation with one cable?

    Hi there Does anybody know if its possible to buy a multi-core coaxial (RG6) cable? The reason I ask is that to install DSTV Explora with Xtraview will require up to 7 coaxial cables: (7 coaxial cables make your home look like you are running a Google server!) 2x from LNB to DSTV Explora...
  5. Polar79

    Medical aid advice, how to make the most of it... Discovery Coastal with Gap?

    My employer is signing us up as a group to Discovery. Company contribution would be R975. So I've been lucky enough to make it to 35 without any medical aid. I live alone with no dependants. Fairly healthy, I have not required medical attention in over 5 years. Downside is I have no Idea of...
  6. J

    Acer Aspire V3-571 Core i3 Laptop [S]

    Great laptop in excellent condition and in original packaging. I have been using this laptop for about a year as a secondary machine for graphic design. It has run Corel Draw and Photoshop perfectly. Performs way better than I would expect of a machine with these specs! Selling to replace...
  7. N

    Interview with Core next week

    So I have an interview with core next week for a support consultant. I Know alot about apple , Mac , OS X & I products. I have my A+ . Working in retail closely with customers currently , want to concentrate more on I.T. Any Advice , Interview Tips , All Help is greatly appreciated...
  8. C

    AppleCare South Africa

    I struggled to find info online about AppleCare in South Africa, and whether international AppleCare is honoured here. When people say "Core is not Apple" it created the impression that there is problems with Apple support in South Africa. Until I spoke with Core technical support today I was...
  9. A

    iPhone 4s International Warranty valid in RSA?

    I brought an unlocked, contract free, iPhone 4s from Vodafone in New Zealand. The other night while charging the phone freaked out and started repeatedly vibrating and has since not been able to charge or sync. I must have tried to hard reset the phone over a hundred times, all to no avail...
  10. jes

    FNB sells one iPad every minute

    FNB sells one iPad every minute Firstrand bank CEO Sizwe Nxasana sheds some light on iPad sales through FNB
  11. G

    Lion Internet Recovery with Macbook Air

    Hi all, Picked up a problem with Lion's internet recovery. Recently purchased a few months old MBA 11". Decided to format and fresh install Lion. Held down CMD+R and used disk util to format the non-recovery partition. Wifi was being accessed fine, so went ahead with Lion install. It...
  12. jes

    Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac launched in SA: pricing and availability details

    Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac launched in SA: pricing and availability details Microsoft and Core unveiled Office for Mac 2011, giving all the availability and pricing details
  13. jes

    Details on new Intel processors which will feature built-in graphics power

    Details on new Intel processors which will feature built-in graphics power Intel reveals their plans for the new Sandy Bridge chip which is set to deliver better graphics performance for Intel-based machines
  14. T

    Core: Don’t buy your iPad overseas

    No warranty support for internationally purchased or grey iPads says Core Group Executive Director Core: Don’t buy your iPad overseas
  15. B

    Latest iMac Prices on ZAStore, still no sign of new mini's.

    The latest iMac's have finally showed up on the ZAStore. As expected the Core pricing ass-raping continues. The new mac mini server must be presenting a real pricing headache for Dick Van Spandork, since there is still no sign of them on the site.
  16. D

    Your dream gaming rig?

    So whats your's I wouldnt mind a top of the range i7 and a 9800gtx xD
  17. C

    Get a Macbook (without Core)

    Is there anyone on forums that imports macbooks for cheaper than core?
  18. P

    Windows Vista/7 scale better in terms of cores, but dismally slow vs XP anyway and
  19. rpm

    Intel Core i7 processor

    Intel Core i7 processor
  20. CathJ

    Core accuses 'grey' importers

    Link The comments on there are particularly good.