corona virus

  1. RedViking

    Government Gazette and Official Documents

    If there is already a thread for this, please remove or point me to it. Links or attachments to Government Gazette and Official Documents and Regulations only. This thread is not for discussions unless related directly to the authenticity of a document. Use the COVID thread for discussions so...
  2. T

    Dentist Visit During Covid-19

    Are you allowed to visit the dentist during any of the Covid-19 Lockdown Levels for a check-up? (Non-emergency & non-surgery)
  3. DaGenius Pro

    Licence disc renewal

    My wife and I drove to KZN (Newcastle), from Jo'burg a few days before the lockdown started, because we were expecting a baby at the time and she wanted to be home when the baby comes so she can get all the help we needed from the adults as this is our first baby. Now we find ourselves in a...
  4. R

    Lockdown: Understanding Childminding and visiting the elderly

    So the rules around child minders are a little clearer, but still has grey areas to it. I'm a level-5 essential service, and my wife level-4, so based on the latest regulations, I understand that...
  5. Prawnapple

    Coronaviruses and bats have been evolving together for millions of years
  6. bromster

    Are you putting on weight during lockdown? Are you doing anything about it?

    Are you putting on weight during lockdown? Are you doing anything about it? I'm trying some Youtube workouts in the lounge, and it's useful having someone doing it with you. I tried improvising a workout on my own and I didn't even last 5 minutes. I'm just doing about 30min daily and keeping...
  7. WesleyDB

    Is the lockdown being enforced in your area

    Out of curiosity , is the lockdown being enforced in your area have you seen a police or army presences or are people taking it as a 3 week long holiday?
  8. M

    Companies who are not paying

    What are the options when your company does not want to pay you during the lockdown? Forcing you to use annual leave to stay home and get paid, but most who don't have annual leave are screwed and will come up severely short in the coming weeks. Spoke to a friend who works at a big retailer in...
  9. S

    Post COVID-19 Phase

    There has never been a greater test put on manufacturing and supply chains around the world than today. Time demands better agility, improved efficiency. Some supply chains, along with their manufacturing processes are under serious threat or even lockdown. Once the virus comes under control...
  10. WesleyDB

    How has covid-19 affected your life thus far?

    Just out of curiosity, has it made a significant impact on your lives yet, what changes have you had to make if any?
  11. JC Heat

    Corona virus tips

    I hear everyday wash you hands, which I agree with. Now what about removing your shoes when coming from the mall ? I am sure that the virus travels on your shoes too. Please is there an expert around , Thank you I got a baby and I am very concerned about this
  12. NeonNinja

    Corona virus protection, precaution and spread curbing

    Anything useful, and potentially for our geographical location and locale as well.