1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Minister Mkhize's son allegedly handed plastic bags filled with cash

    Minister Mkhize's son allegedly handed plastic bags filled with cash The son of health minister Zweli Mkhize was allegedly handed plastic bags and cardboard boxes filled with money siphoned from the health department via a dodgy contract held by communications agency Digital Vibes, The Sunday...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Corruption carnage at Kusile

    Corruption carnage at Kusile Millions of rand was siphoned from power utility Eskom through irregular contracts, excessive furniture spending, and a donation to a suspect foundation chaired by former president Jacob Zuma. This is according to The Sunday Times, which was reporting on a series...
  3. Anthro

    ANC business arm lobbies for members to get share of vaccine profits

    ANC business arm lobbies for members to get share of vaccine profits The ANC’s business wing, the Progressive Business Forum (PBF), is pushing for its members who help fund the party to secure a cut of the contracts for the vaccine supply chain. The PBF met the ANC’s top leadership including...

    ‘History will absolve me’ - Ramaphosa on ANC corruption
  5. S

    Corruption crackdown in South Africa
  6. Vorastra

    Emfuleni officials implicated in R870m looting spree – but no action taken
  7. TysonRoux

    Mystery around Mmusi Maimane and 'his' R3.85m Claremont house DA leader Mmusi Maimane listed a house worth almost R4m as one of his assets on the parliamentary registery – but it turns out he does not own the home in Claremont‚...
  8. Gordon_R

    [Opinion] BEE inadvertently became ‘prime enabler of State Capture and corruption’ in South Africa
  9. Gordon_R

    Mr Ten Percent - How Ace Magashule captured the Free State
  10. RedViking

    Eskom's Hadebe: We'll Be With Load Shedding For The Next 6 Months

    Source: Click Here Listen to the full interview with Phakamani Hadebe below: The Xolani Gwala Show
  11. RedViking

    Government takes my money - Help!

    I am depressed. I am a provisional payer. So twice a year I submit a return. (Which I am currently doing.) During the year I try to budget the tax but I am always short. When I pay I have to give even more money. In return hospitals are a mess. Police services are shocking. Crime is high...
  12. A

    "Sabotage by ANC central gov against people of Western Cape" - Bart Henderson

    I received this in a WhatsApp group. Did a quick check whether it's posted elsewhere on MyBB but found nothing, so here goes. I'd never heard of Bart Henderson before this, and know nothing about him or his creds. Disturbing if true. My first question is: If true, why isn't this front and...
  13. f2wohf

    MultiChoice accused of ‘kickbacks’ in SABC deal
  14. B


    Its quite clear the current SA Government and ANC leadership is taking all South Africans down the garden path and stealing as much money as possible. My question though - how do you stop it from happening immediately. The longer this is all 'investigated' the more money is stolen and moved...
  15. TysonRoux

    Mpisane’s guards assault driver in road rage incident

    Mpisane’s guards assault driver in road rage incident
  16. entrepr

    Urgently looking for the Zambia Chiluba MMD Election TV Ads on corruption, potholes

    Please, if you know where this is on the internet please send the link The only one I can find is this one "The Hour has Come" It shows the 'road to the future' run into the ground - potholes etc I'm keen on finding the others in the...
  17. patrick123

    Sanral argues the case for why Outa is wrong about costs.
  18. A

    Cape councillors’ financial interests to be open to public
  19. A

    WikiLeaks Publishes the SourceAmerica Corruption Scandal Tapes

    The SourceAmerica Tapes Today, 16 November 2015 8:30 am EST, WikiLeaks publishes the 30 hours of secret tapes and transcripts at the heart of the AbilityOne/SourceAmerica scandal. Thirteen Presidential Appointees (ten Obama, three Bush) are embroiled in a multi-billion dollar corruption...
  20. A

    City of Cape Town accused of muzzling dissenter

    13 Nov 2015 - Craig McKune City of Cape Town accused of muzzling dissenter Cape Town ratepayers will foot the bill for a court wrangle in which the DA turned on one of its own. Full Article Here...