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    Schabir Shaik gives Jackie Selebi advice
  2. I

    Top KZN cop faked matric certificate

    A KwaZulu-Natal police spokesman has resigned amid allegations that he has an invalid matric certificate, the SA Police Service said on Thursday. Colonel Jay Naicker said the allegations against Colonel Vincent Mdunge surfaced when the criminal and academic records of SAPS employees were...
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    Cops ‘robbed pair to pay for braai’ Cape Town - Four on-duty metro cops, including a sergeant, reportedly searched and assaulted two people, took money from them, and used the cash to buy meat for a braai on the beach. They were charged with...
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    Cable: Capital to pay 50 times more than Durban
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    Cops granted bail, then re- arrested

    Polokwane - Two policemen were re-arrested outside the Polokwane Magistrate's Court shortly after being released on bail, Limpopo police said on Tuesday. The two Germiston constables were arrested last Wednesday, in Polokwane, when they were found in possession of an unlicensed firearm and...
  6. I

    AfriForum probes FState R140m website

    WTF Whom exactly does this AfriForum serve and how do they dare to comment on the dealings the ANC does? They should get back in line, like everybody else. They portray South Africa in a bad light :D
  7. I

    StatsSA chief’s threats to staff

    Pali Lehohla - Seriously, does anyone know what school standard did he pass? Mathematics was definitely not one of his strong points. Does he realize that by making 10million South Africans "disappear" out of the census numbers, when next count takes place, him or his successor, will have to use...
  8. B

    Do you buy stolen stuff?

    Was sitting in the car park on my phone a moment ago investigating this Telkom Wifi thing. Some guy walks past my car window offering me a GPS, a few CDs and other miscellaneous items which are obviously stolen. I'm pretty sure you could get the lot for R100 or R200 bucks, but I don't think I...
  9. antowan

    There is no father or mother of the nation.

    South Africa's rise and fall is entirely in the hands of each and every South African. No single person can or should be elevated to savior status for this country and its people. It is disingenuous to the self worth of each and every person in this beautiful place! There is no such thing as...
  10. R

    Being a responsible neighbour

    A situation has presented itself with a question and I would like to invite others to comment. Act as if you are a cop, or a lawyer, a prosecutor or a judge. The rules of this court room is orderliness and decency, so please be germane and not in contempt (of the feelings of others readers.)...
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    ANC Chief Whip's wife accused of fraud.

    WTF Only in South AFRICA :D
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    ‘I’ll set my lions on the cops’

    When will the widespread corruption end in South Africa? Is that municipality run by the ANC? How could the municipal worker load so much fuel without anyone questioning? For how long time did the theft go on? Hmmm...
  13. LazyLion

    Vavi to continue to serve: COSATU

    Cosatu general-secretary Zwelinzima Vavi will continue to serve in his position, the trade union federation said on Wednesday. "There is no question that can arise about any of the leaders here," Congress of SA Trade Unions president Sidumo Dlamini told reporters in Johannesburg. "They...
  14. LazyLion

    Gang Report in WCape is a serious allegation

    Reports of collusion between police and criminals in the Western Cape are a serious allegation, the police ministry said on Thursday. "Should they be proven true, they could compromise and derail efforts of crime reduction, not only in the Western Cape but the whole country," spokesman Zweli...
  15. LazyLion

    Northern Cape Opposition in Protest

    Two Northern Cape opposition parties have stayed away from a provincial budget sitting in Kimberley because it was being attended by two MECs accused of fraud. The MEC's continued presence in the legislature and the protection given to them to continue their work as though nothing had...
  16. LazyLion

    Newspaper out to get us: DoC

    Allegations in The Sunday Times of extravagant spending by Communications Minister Dina Pule will not stick, the department said on Monday. The newspaper was continuing to peddle slander and salacious rumours in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to convict Pule in the court of public...
  17. LazyLion

    Officers filmed taking bribes, performing sexual acts

    An East Rand policeman has been caught on video taking money from a man on whom a policewoman then performs a sexual act for money, it was reported on Friday. The video was recorded in a parking lot near the East Rand Mall, in Boksburg, at 3am on Saturday, Beeld reported. A copy was sent to...
  18. LazyLion

    Malema Allies' Tenders to be re-advertised

    Tenders reportedly worth R900 million, awarded to allies of expelled ANCYL president Julius Malema, will be re-advertised, the Limpopo department of human settlements said on Wednesday. The department had been advised, rather than ordered, to re-advertise the contracts for the construction of...
  19. LazyLion

    Cops arrested for corruption in Free State

    Nine police officers were arrested, along with seven other people, for fraud and corruption at the Caledonspoort border post on Tuesday, the Hawks said. Spokesman Captain Paul Ramaloko said of the seven, six were immigration officers and one an official from the health department. The...
  20. LazyLion

    ANC Mismanagement in Potch: Probe

    A forensic investigation has found large-scale mismanagement by the ANC, it was reported on Monday. The probe was ordered by Democratic Alliance councillor Annette Combrinck, during her brief tenure as mayor of Potchefstroom's Tlokwe City Council, Beeld reported on Monday. It recommended...