1. S

    A Quote of Note!

    That made my day Cele :D
  2. Lycanthrope

    The ANC Youth League and the missing millions

    Source: The Times I'm starting to think I have a wretched obsession with the corrupt nature of the ANC... Or perhaps it's just that it never ceases to amaze me.
  3. Aqua_lung

    Mayors, rabbis arrested in corruption probe

    Mayors, rabbis arrested in corruption probe
  4. H

    New Charity Idea

    I was having a chat to my dad the other day and came up with a good idea to protect the hard working citizens of this country, what about starting a charity organisation that takes politicians/businesses/government to court when they screw up, ie sue the buggers and make sure they pay. now...
  5. LazyLion

    Mandela Day Meaningless! Prince Mashele is Head of Crime, Justice and Politics Programme at the Institute for Security Studies. He writes in his personal capacity.
  6. LazyLion

    Nyanda spends millions on luxury cars If you had any hopes that the new minister had plans for the man in the street, it's time to re-think. :D
  7. T

    BEE failed: Mbeki's brother
  8. DWPTA

    Tshwane left with bloody nose

    Tshwane left with bloody nose What a crock.
  9. J

    Opposition parties turn on DA

    link Well,well,well...:)
  10. D

    Crime Stats Link to Elections

    Just a thought from recent observations. Recent organised armed robberies have specifically been targeting large stores. Would there be be some way to compare Police stats of this nature to around election times and see if there is a general upward trend? Maybe this is too big an ask of...
  11. D

    ANC lied,,2-7-12_2502531,00.html
  12. N

    Why SCOPA must revisit the arms deal - Andrew Feinstein

    Go read this; it's a decent summary of new information that has emerged: £116 million! That's from just one ONE contract.
  13. N

    South Africa's heart of darkness

    James Myburgh writes:
  14. Vrotappel

    End of the road for Scorpions

    Another nail in the coffin.
  15. mh348

    Mybb Post on Carte Blance

    Mybb Post on Carte Blanche I was watching Carte Blanche and saw that they had a snaphot of a Myadsl Post, It was regarding the Tshwane Metro. Heres a snapshot from carteblanche Heres a link to the post:
  16. K

    ANC planning independent court challenge to quash Zuma case

    And with it will come yet more endless delays...
  17. Lycanthrope

    Zille: All In SA - Including Zuma - Equal Before The Law

    Source: Mail & Guardian Online Zille for President!
  18. T

    ANC plans to ban corruption leaks Goodbye transparency :rolleyes: Sighs.... I just wish the ANC was voted out :(
  19. S

    Nail the corrupt RAF! Yes, nail!

    Closing this case made me happy, I've been watching it and know some of the involved people in Switzerland. Good on Joachim Werner Schoss (the Swiss oke) for nailing Jacob Modise, that swine, stupid stupid South African, for managing the RAF that is completely corrupt and useless. Not to mention...
  20. M

    Load shedding is back?

    So, is load shedding back? Right on schedule Roodepoort loses power. 10:15am exactly all power goes off from Constatia Kloof through to Honeydew - at precisely the same time it did when load shedding was around. Eskom throwing their toys?