1. V

    Opel Corsa Reverse not fully engaging after replacing clutch cable

    Hi guys So I replaced the clutch cable on my corsa Bakkie 1.4 recently and now have the problem of the reverse gear not engaging without grinding the gears. The corsa has a pull tab mechanism to engage reverse and when i try to put it into reverse the gears grind so what I've been doing is...
  2. carstensdj

    Assetto Corsa Drifting

    Hey fellow forumites! I was interested to know how many of you (if any) play Assetto Corsa on PC and more so, if you drift? I assume there aren't any local drift servers? I couldn't find any but did find a few European one's and an awesome Aussie one (super high ping though). I'm keen to get...
  3. M

    Corsa 1.4i 2008 Fuel/Air Management Issues

    Hi guys, Your presence has helped me quite a bit in the past with car problems but I can't seem to come right with this one so I've registered just to get your help. Starting 5 months back, my car started running really roughly - rough idle, occasional misfires, uncontrolled revving after...
  4. D

    Corsa Lite A/C Advice Need

    Good Morning Everyone, So my 2005 Opel Corsa Lite's factory fitted air conditioning isn't working anymore. When pulling out the A/C knob, you just hear the relay clicking in the fuse box next to the steering wheel and the car's revs getting higher and higher. I have already swapped out the...
  5. S

    Opel corsa gsi 160I has "run on"

    Hi Guys, i have a opel corsa B 160i gsi, alls good but when, i drive it a while and switched off it doesnt switch off immediately? - Carbon cleaned - Injectors checked - plugs seems fine - new coil pack - boogey leads any suggestions? THANKS
  6. Rouxenator

    2010 Opel Corsa with 57,000km [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): I am selling my much loved reliable low mileage car to pursue my midlife crisis. I bought it new in 2010 but hardly ever use it. It has all the goodies; ABS, airbags, aircon, electric windows, electric mirrors, CD/MP3, steering wheel audio controls, full service...
  7. L

    Corsa Utility 1.7 Alternator

    Sitting with a Opel Corsa Utility 1.7 Diesel that needs a new alternator without an obvious way of removing said alternator DIY. Any tips/help would be appreciated.
  8. D

    2005 Corsa Lite Service/Maintenance Costs DIY

    Good Morning Guys, Just wanted to share with anyone that migt be interested: I serviced my 2005 Corsa Lite Plus A/C over the weekend and here are the parts price breakdown for the job: 2005 Corsa Lite Plus A/C Minor Service Cost: Oil Filter - Goldwagen...
  9. Z

    High Idle After Replace ICV

    Good Day I was having erratic idling issues and many people mentioned that it was the ICV, I then went to GW and bought the replacement part. I put it in, and also had the battery disconnected for over an hour. I then started the car, and the revs just kept climbing higher and higher, it...
  10. Ivan Leon

    GM's Fiesta ST Competitor Is As Loud As Legally Possible

    The Opel/Vauxhall Corsa VXR is a 202 hp hot hatch that GM just won’t bring to America to take on the Ford Fiesta ST. But is America missing out on anything at all? Maybe the Corsa couldn’t satisfy all US regulations. Whatever, in Europe, things are looking bright for the Corsa VXR thanks to...
  11. U

    Ford Figo VS Opel Corsa 1.4 Essentia

    Hi guys, Im stuck between choosing either the Ford Figo or the 2011 Opel Corsa Essentia. Ive taken both for a spin but i don't know which to go for. both are the same price however, the figo has 30 000km on the clock and the corsa has 60 000km. the milage doesn't bother me. just as long as its...
  12. N

    2007 Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTi Diesel engine

    Hi everyone! I hope someone has more car knowledge than me... I have a 2007 Opel Corsa with a 1.3 CDTI diesel turbo engine...that needs replacing. The camshaft snapped and Opel wants about R75000 (:confused:) for a new engine... Anyone have suggestions regarding a reconditioned...
  13. T

    Opel Corsa 1.4i Lite bad acceleration and rough idling

    Hi there everyone. I've had a pretty frustrating problem with my Opel Corsa since 2 weeks ago. Any time I accelerate the car, there is a burbling/stuttering sound coming from the engine and it lacks power, even at pedal-to-the-metal. It almost feels like a cylinder is not firing. Then again...
  14. T

    Opel Corsa Lite 1.3 High Fuel Consumption

    Hi Guys, Thanks for those that helped on the oil leak issue I had, all fixed now. I don't know is this is just my Corsa, but this thing uses fuel like crazy, in fact I'm pretty sure my father gets better mileage on his Disco 1 V8 than me. :erm: To fill up the tank is about R450 - R470...
  15. Flywheel

    Opel Corsa lite 2008 1.4?

    I'm looking to buy one of these (used), are there any problems inherent with this model?
  16. R

    Corsa Lite Clutch Pedal

    Hi All I have a problem with my Opel Corsa Lite 2004 model. Any idea where I can get a clutch pedal in Cape Town apart from the dealership. The plastic clip broke and the clutch cable doesn't want to hook anymore. If I must get it from the dealer ship what will the cost be about...

    2001 Ford Fiesta vs. 2001 Opel Corsa Lite

    Straight up question, which is better? Fiesta or Corsa? And how do they compare to an Uno Mia 1.1?
  18. G

    Corsa OPC Remapping

    Hi Guys, Posted a couple weeks ago about getting a Corsa OPC - Well, finally got it! Was a great deal and car is in immac condition. Ok so i hear a lot of people talking about remapping the ECU... Can someone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of getting this done? And also where can I...
  19. G

    Looking to buy a Corsa OPC

    Hi guys, I'm new to this and looking for some advice from all you experts out there. Going into the market for MY FIRST car after having a "handed down" 1997 Opel Astra 160iE for about 4 years now, which served me well... So yes, I'm an Opel fan. I'm looking to purchase a Corsa OPC 08/09...
  20. D

    Corsa B 2000 1.6is not starting

    Hi guys, please assist as I have tried almost everything to get the car to start. yesterday the car started up fine, but on the highway the car just switched off 3 times..after pulling over onto the yellow lane jumping out and fiddling with a few wires it starts up again..only to drive for a...