courier company

  1. N


    I'm starting an online shop soon and currently considering options for couriers. The business will be making use of dropshipping, I'll basically order the delivery, and the courier will go directly to the manufacturer to pick up. Ideally I'd like to get charged a single price for delivery...
  2. D

    Customs & Clearing agents

    Hi All, Based on the amount of queries I have received from the previous customs & clearing agents thread, decided to start a new thread. If there are any questions you have regarding shipping, please let me know. Alternatively you can send me an email: I am able to...
  3. homeboy

    courier services needed ugently

    Can anyone know of a good courier service between cape town and sandton, not too expensive.
  4. A

    Best courier service?

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong section (admin - please move it if it is indeed in the wrong section) So I have a small business and I need to courier a really tiny order from where I am in Joburg to Kensington, Jhb. It's a small package but I need it to arrive safely and in one...
  5. V

    Which couriers can transport trees from the bundus?

    I'm a bit of a plant collector with an interest in unusual fruit, vegetables and herbs. Right now I'm gathering plants like blueberries, crabapples, marula and hazelnuts. I'd like to find a reputable courier company willing to transport small trees (most are less than 1.5m) and shrubs, safely &...
  6. A

    Looking for ideal courier company - any you can refer?

    We only send documents. Always under 1kg. Mostly to Joburg, but there will be deliveries required to the rest of the country as well. The documents are to be collected from our offices at specified times and delivered same-day or next-day. Currently somewhere around 10-20 deliveries per month...