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  1. E

    Virgin Money Card for travelling

    Hi guys, I have a FNB credit card which I usually use when travelling abroad. However, somebody in my office suggested that I get an additional, non VISA card (all FNB cards are VISA) to take along when I travel to the US in September. The reason for this is that if your main credit card is...
  2. M

    Credit Card question

    Lets say I have R30000 debt on my credit card all on a straight facility. My minimum monthly payment is 7% the outstanding balance, which is R2100 per month. Can I transfer say R10000 over to a budget facility over 60 months? My payment on that R100000 @ 20%p.a. interest would be about R265...
  3. S

    Corporate Credit Card rewards programs?

    Hi all, Anyone aware of any Corporate Credit Cards that have rewards programs (eg. frequent flyer miles, eBucks, etc.) that a small company can use? The only one I have come across so far is American Express. I've checked the big fours' websites and Standard Bank don't offer any but its...
  4. jes

    WikiLeaks' payment processor will sue credit card companies

    WikiLeaks' payment processor will sue credit card companies WikiLeaks' payment processor said Thursday that it was preparing to sue credit card companies Visa and MasterCard over their refusal to process donations to the secret-spilling website.
  5. jes

    Hackers target bank and credit card websites in the WikiLeaks war

    Hackers target bank and credit card websites in the WikiLeaks war An anonymous group of hackers said Wednesday they had launched online attacks to shut down the websites of credit card Mastercard and a Swiss bank that cut off business ties with WikiLeaks.
  6. medicnick83

    No credit card debt anymore!

    I officially have NO credit card debt anymore! I have been avoiding paying my credit card (straight and budget) for like... EVER! About 5 minutes ago, I got a SMS from FNB saying they are taking the 'minimum' payment off, then I dunno... I just said "PHUCK THIS!!!!!!!!" and logged into my FNB...
  7. C

    Verified by VISA and Master SecureCode?

    Anyone tried to activate the above for their Virgin/Discovery/Edgars credit cards? It appears that the above security features can only be activate for the cards bearing the commercial/retail bank's logo, so if you have a virgin money card which is licensed through ABSA or Discovery card...
  8. H

    Virgin Money credit card - expiration date and replacement

    My Virgin Money credit card will expire next year, and I was wondering whether anyone knows at which point I can expect to hear from Virgin Money about a replacement card? Any ideas how long before the card's expiration that they contact you?
  9. A

    Afrihost now asking for scan of Credit Card

    Hi, Afrihost seems to be sending the following message to those who sign up now: "Hi ****** Our system has been unable to verify your credit card details, please can you send a scan of the front and back of the card? Thanks Please feel free to let me know if I can be of further...
  10. T

    Toll fees payment

    Whats your preferred method of payment at toll roads? I'd would think credit/garage cards would be the easiest but I've heard of people being charged 6 months later or double/triple charged. Many people seem to prefer cash. Have you experienced any issues?
  11. C

    Virgin money Credit Card application (rant)

    First online application attempted in May, all went well and faxed through my documents after a call. Waiting, waiting and one day got a call and told me my application declinded, asked why and they said I am not a permanent employee of the company. Ok so I moved to a new company on March...
  12. M

    ABSA Credit Card

    Ok, so I decided that it's time to get one. It's not for extravagant shopping. I just often find the loveliest things on international websites(plus they're way cheaper) and I really wanna buy them. Even for some local websites too. Are there any catches/fine prints that I need to know of before...
  13. rpm

    One step ahead of credit card crooks

    One step ahead of credit card crooks