dark fibre africa (dfa)

  1. Jan

    Vumatel sees 50% revenue increase, CIVH valuation now at R27 billion

    Vumatel and DFA now worth R27 billion Remgro released its financial results for the year ended 30 June 2021, which revealed a strong performance of Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH). CIVH is a growing telecommunications player through its subsidiaries, Vumatel and Dark Fibre Africa...
  2. Jan

    Remgro raises R3.72 billion in equity, pays off debt incurred to buy Vumatel

    Vumatel owner raises R3.72 billion Remgro announced that it is participating in a rights offer being undertaken by Community Investment Ventures Holdings Proprietary Limited (CIVH), which successfully raised R3.72 billion in equity. Prior to the transaction, Remgro held a 55.2% stake in CIVH.
  3. Jan

    The new man in charge of DFA - Andries Delport

    Andries Delport — The new man in charge of DFA Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH) recently announced that its CTO Andries Delport would take over as DFA CEO from Thinus Mulder on 1 October 2021. CIVH CEO and DFA chairman Raymond Ndlovu said Delport would immediately become more...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    US will help fund DFA fibre rollout study in South Africa

    US will help fund DFA fibre rollout study in South Africa The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) will help fund a fibre rollout feasibility study aimed at expanding reliable and affordable Internet access and digital services to underserved populations living outside of South Africa’s...
  5. iscott131

    Dark Fibre Africa in Somerset West

    Anyone know of a good ISP Provider that has business Packages on DFA Network? With VOX at the moment but they are a nightmare
  6. LuMiNOuS

    FFTH backbone rollout proximity

    Holla everyone! In the last few weeks I noticed that Dark Fibre Africa has finally started fibre backbone rollout in Stellenbosch very close to where I stay. I since investigated the network map on their website and found the new rollout being marked as "planned". The cables are not going...
  7. Z

    What ISPs on which Fibre networks

    I started researching and planning a fibre connection to my complex and discovered that not everyone has they own fibre network or presents the network as they own. The major fibre providers which I came across so far: DFA: Dark Fibre Africa Metrofibre Telkom fibre MTN fibre Vodacom fibre...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Uncapped, unshaped business fibre from R999

    Uncapped, unshaped business fibre from R999 per month The fibre ISP of Parkhurst fame has announced its plans to expand to the business market
  9. Jan

    Telkom FTTH launch areas: fully covered by March 2015, more detailed list

    First Telkom fibre to the home areas fully covered soon Telkom has confirmed that its initial FTTH rollout areas will soon be fully covered, and has provided a more detailed list of areas.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Fibre in SA: are we headed for monopolies?

    Fibre in SA: are we headed for regional monopolies? International technology websites are full of complaints about cable Internet providers in the United States, and one can’t help but wonder if South Africa is heading the same way
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom local loop unbundling stalling and FTTH: the bright side

    Telkom local loop unbundling stalling and FTTH: the silver lining Though local loop unbundling would have been great, Telkom’s stalling might end up being good for South Africa in the long term
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom stops FTTH roll-out in Parkview, Parkhurst

    Telkom FTTH roll-out in Parkview, Parkhurst stopped Telkom has revealed that it has stopped its roll-out of fibre-to-the-home in Parkview and Parkhurst
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Parkview chooses Dark Fibre Africa for FTTH

    Parkview FTTH project chooses Dark Fibre Africa Parkview has announced that it has selected Dark Fibre Africa to build the fibre network for its neighbourhood
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Big win for fibre in SA

    Big win for fibre in South Africa The Supreme Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of Dark Fibre Africa in what the company said was a win for South Africa’s fibre industry
  15. jes

    Dark Fibre Africa discusses last-mile fibre plans

    Dark Fibre Africa’s last-mile fibre plans With its acquisition of a last-mile fibre company, what are DFA’s plans for South Africa