department of home affairs

  1. Jan

    Minister extends Home Affairs operating hours

    Home Affairs extends operating hours Home Affairs Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, has approved a temporary extension of operating times by two and a half hours at front offices from 08:00 to 17:30 starting from today. This is to enable the department to deal with the high demand for services at...
  2. Jan

    Home Affairs is getting a new online booking system to try and kill queues and corruption

    Home Affairs' new online booking system — what to expect The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has announced a new appointment system to combat corruption and long queues at its offices. The new appointment system will be linked to the national population register, allowing individuals to use...
  3. Jan

    88% of the network equipment used at Home Affairs offices is obsolete

    Real reason why "the system is offline" at Home Affairs offices A lack of backup network links and outdated equipment are the real reasons Home Affairs branches' systems are often hit by long downtime. This is according to Democratic Alliance (DA) MP Adrian Roos, who welcomed the support of...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    New ID numbers for South Africa - The big changes

    New ID numbers for South Africa - The big changes The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) published its Draft Official Identity Management Policy on 22 December 2020, which aims to introduce a new ID system in South Africa. Many activists are now calling for a random ID number without any personal...
  5. Jan

    Home Affairs systems are always down because it is getting what it pays for - SITA

    Real reason Home Affairs systems are always down — it is getting what it pays for State Information Technology Agency (SITA) boss Luvuyo Keyise has hit back at the Minister of Home Affairs after the Minister suggested that his department’s ills can all be traced back to SITA. In a Budget Vote...
  6. K

    Pinetown Home Affairs offline for One Month

    Hey guys. I have been in the queue last month for 6hours. Received a ticket to come back today the 18th of Feb at 7:30am only to find out that they were offline for One Month! How does a government department be offline for a whole month!!! Surely theres IT people on standby... makes me think...
  7. M

    Process of marrying a Namibian citizen and aquiring Temporary Residence / Spousal Visa

    Hi, My fiance is a Namibian citizen and we plan on getting married at Home Affairs, or through a Marriage officer and then applying for a Temporary Residence / Spousal visa. Does anyone know the process or possibly went through this themselves? Some of my current concerns/questions include...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    DA calls for e-visas

    DA calls for e-visas The Democratic Alliance launched a petition on Friday urging the tourism and home affairs ministries to introduce electronic visas (e-visas) for tourists
  9. K

    Home Affairs is 'offline" - who do I contact now?

    So this mornings mission involved a visit to the Randburg Dept of Home Affairs to renew my passport for an upcoming trip in Jan. I was greeted with frowney faces, being told the 'live capture systems are offline' and to 'expect a 6-8 week turn around on passport renewals'... Seeing as my trip...
  10. jes

    SA eID smart cards privacy and security explained

    SA eID smart cards privacy and security explained Security professionals weigh in on the new eID card set to launch in South Africa later in July
  11. jes

    New SA ID cards feature NFC-like technology

    New SA ID cards feature NFC-like technology South Africa’s new electronic identity documents will include ISO/IEC-compliant proximity card technology, according to Gemalto
  12. LazyLion

    IFP Welcomes Regugee Center Ruling

    The IFP has welcomed the Western Cape High Court's ruling that a refugee reception office (RRO) be re-opened by the department of home affairs. "I trust that the Maitland Refugee Centre will be re-opened by the department without delay," Inkatha Freedom Party MP Helen Makhuba said in a...