do you remember

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    Vintage computers

    Vintage computers met / loaned / owned: Earliest intro to a computer was at the company where I began career in the mid ‘70’s. This room-sized main-frame was housed in the centre of our admin-block, sealed pressurised "double" doors, chilled air-conditioning, using reel-to-reel tape, massive...
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    I remember my first day in school, it one of the happiest day of my life
  3. X

    Do you remember a mybb without do you remember threads?

    A mybb that only had the odd nostalgic discussion, a mybb that had no iPad 3 competitions, a mybb that will hopefully return to us after the 27th of april.....
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    Do you remember? SASOL TV add with baby in pram.

    This Sasol advertisement aired in the mid 90s back when most of us still only had SABC TV, think it was 95 or 96 and it was originally in afrikaans. So, as I remember the two grandparents had to look after the baby boy in his pram. He then filled up at a Sasol pump, then he said "Glug, Glug"...
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    Do you remember Fresca?

    I remember cans of Fresca filling up shelves in Supermarkets and street side Cafes. The taste of something completely different and the funny ads that were always on TV. The citrus smell and flavour... And then Fresca just disappeared, gone, no trace. Hasn't returned or been copied by...