dog food

  1. saynothing

    Montego Karoo & Classic

    We've been feeding our (border collie crossed german shepherd) pups a mix of karoo & classic, but after reading a bit online I'm worried that they contain too many grains. I've also seen posts of people saying the montego quality has deteriorated? The price of Montego is really good, and...
  2. B

    Where to buy dry dog food in bulk?

    Hi, I buy dog food from Makro and Pick n Pay. My 2 dogs are not fussy eaters at all, I tried various brands to see what they prefer but they ate everything I bought without preference (Bobtail, Complete, Epol, Husky). They eat 50kg per month. I usually buy 4 bags of 25kg at about...
  3. N

    Best food for Boerboels

    Hey guys, for all you Boerboel owners out there. What is the best premium dry dog food out there for my 11 month old pup? Been feeding him Pro Pac which has been good but was just curious as to what else might be better? Especially in terms of holistic food (Earth Born, Evo, blue buffalo...