electronic vaccination data system (evds)

  1. Jan

    Can't download your vaccination certificate because EVDS details are wrong? You must go back to the vaccination site

    South Africans struggling to download Covid-19 vaccination certificates — what you must do South Africans whose personal data was not captured correctly in the EVDS must return to the vaccination site to correct it.
  2. Jan

    584,074 vaccine certificates downloaded by Sunday

    This is how many vaccine certificates were issued last week Over half a million digital Covid-19 vaccine certificates were issued in South Africa less than two days after being launched. This was revealed to MyBroadband by deputy director-general at the National Department of Health, Nicholas...
  3. Jan

    EVDS lets you pick your own vaccination date and site

    You can now choose the date and place of your Covid-19 vaccine appointment — here is how The Department of Health announced that the Electronic Vaccination Data System will let you schedule your vaccination appointment from today.