first national bank (fnb)

  1. Jan

    FNB customers can now use their virtual cards in all FNB Pay enabled digital wallets

    FNB virtual cards get tap-to-pay First National Bank (FNB) customers can now use virtual cards for contactless transactions in all FNB Pay enabled digital wallets. The bank recently revealed that around 500,000 virtual cards had been activated by their Retail and Commercial customers, spending...
  2. Jan

    Scammer behind R100-million university BEC attack skips country after Hawks release him

    Hawks release scammer behind R100-million university hack — promptly flees country The mastermind behind the scam that almost stole R100 million from the University of Mpumalanga has fled the country after he was released by the Hawks.
  3. Jan

    FNB Double-Up fuel spend eBucks problems are back

    FNB eBucks problems return — Check your fuel spend FNB customers should carefully check their eBucks accounts to ensure they have received the correct number of points in October 2021 for fuel spend. Several MyBroadband forum members and a MyBroadband employee have reported they did not get...
  4. Jan

    RTMC launches online car licence disc renewal on NaTIS portal

    New online car licence disc renewal portal launched The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has launched an online payment gateway allowing South African motorists to register, renew, and pay for their licence discs online. The new option is available on the NaTIS online platform and is...
  5. Jan

    FNB online banking outage complaints

    FNB Online banking downtime FNB's online banking services experienced an outage on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.
  6. Jan

    FNB launches virtual card support on Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit Pay

    FNB virtual card launches on Samsung Pay and other digital wallets FNB has announced its virtual cards are now supported on third-party digital payment wallets, including Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay. In a statement on Monday, the bank revealed it had processed over R1 billion in...
  7. Jan

    FNB Connect eyeing a million three-month active subscribers

    FNB Connect — The rise to 1 million subscribers South Africa’s largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), FNB Connect, has seen massive growth over the last year, inching ever closer to 1 million subscribers. FNB Connect CEO Bradwin Roper recently spoke to MyBroadband following the bank’s...
  8. Jan

    FNB loses R2.9 million case against own client who says he was victim of lottery scam

    R2.9 million stolen from FNB bank account with R5,000 limit FNB has been denied damages after demanding R2.9 million from a client who says he fell victim to an online scam. At the heart of the legal argument was that the bank account had a R5,000 withdrawal limit.
  9. Jan

    Completely unused bank card details stolen and used for online shopping - FNB explains how it happens

    FNB customer's card details stolen without the card ever being used — How it happened FNB customers should be aware of the increase of "enumeration" or "account testing" used by criminals to identify their bank card details and steal their money. This issue was recently brought to...
  10. Jan

    FNB adds Apple Pay support

    FNB gets Apple Pay FNB now supports Apple Pay, allowing the bank’s customers to add their cards to the Apple Wallet and make purchases by tapping their smartphone or smartwatch to a contactless payment point. MyBroadband forum members and Twitter users on Tuesday posted that they were able to...
  11. Jan

    FNB is hiring everyone from cybersecurity experts to chemical engineers

    FNB on tech hiring spree — recruiting for 300 jobs FNB announced in a press statement on Thursday that it is recruiting 300 experts with engineering, technology, data and quant skills. It said the recruitment drive is to fast-track its fintech and platform-related aspirations in banking...
  12. Jan

    FNB blocks credit card purchases of cryptocurrency from offshore exchanges

    FNB blocks Bitcoin credit card purchases from overseas First National Bank (FNB) has started blocking its clients from buying cryptocurrency with their credit cards from overseas exchanges. One MyBroadband reader said that they tried to purchase a small amount of cryptocurrency through Binance...
  13. Jan

    FNB rolls out Smart ID and passport collection at KZN branch

    FNB adds new branch for Smart ID and passport collections FNB, in partnership with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), has added FNB Cornubia branch in KwaZulu-Natal to the list of branches where customers can collect their Smart ID cards and passports. The bank’s customers in the province...
  14. Jan

    Goldman Sachs banking on big post-pandemic profits in South Africa

    Goldman Sachs muscling in on South African banks for post-pandemic profits Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s dash for post-pandemic profits in South Africa is putting it on a collision course with the country’s biggest banks. Already a top trader of South African government bonds, Goldman is ramping...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    FNB Golden Circle music deal with Universal

    FNB Golden Circle music deal with Universal First National Bank has announced a partnership with Universal Music Group in South Africa
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    FNB smartphone, tablet deals vs cash: FNB explains

    FNB smartphone, tablet deals vs cash: FNB explains First National Bank has responded to a recent comparison of the prices of its smart device deals to the cost of buying the same devices cash
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    What do FNB and Microsoft have in common?

    What do FNB and Microsoft have in common? Progress bars. Much to the hilarity of geeks all over South Africa
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    FNB mobile virtual network to launch soon: sources

    FNB mobile operator launch expected soon: sources The rumoured mobile virtual network operator from FNB is expected to launch soon
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    FNB offering Sony Xperia Z2

    Sony Xperia Z2 launched on FNB First National Bank will start offering the Sony Xperia Z2 from today, 15 July 2014
  20. jes

    FNB Android app permissions explained

    FNB Android app permissions explained First National Bank has responded to concerns over new permissions requested by its Android app