1. M

    What does it cost to set up and run a Forum site like Mybroadband?

    Can anyone provide estimates of what it costs to set up and maintain a 'forum site'? A forum similar to Mybroadband serving a specific community (this is not competition to mybroadband!). Can one buy a standard template? What would hosting cost? What other significant costs to consider?
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    What would you like from MyBroadband in 2017?

    What would you like to see from MyBroadband in 2017? Suggestions for the forum, news site, conference, competitions - anything really.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Who is your favourite forum member?

    'Tis the season to spread goodwill. Who is your favourite forum member and why?
  4. N

    Why are there 2 jobs boards here?

    We have this: and this: Is this just a design flaw and/or laziness? I can understand if they are using some forum plugin for their wordpress site, but perhaps the forum jobs board or the...
  5. E

    Dedicated Diablo 3 Forum just for SA

    Hey all, Just wanted to share a forum created just for South African Diablo 3 players. The site is - Enjoy
  6. Jan

    New MyBroadband forum Android app super secret pre-alpha test

    Hail, fellow forumites! We've been testing a new forum app and I thought it would be cool to get your feedback before we take the plunge and replace the current app with this one. Linky Weigh in here, I'll post a poll in a moment.
  7. P launches

    Ello mateys. Here's a little fansite I've developed for all the quake players.
  8. S

    Starting a forum