1. M

    Still a way to go for the Rainbow Nation

    I managed to take a screenshot before the ad was taken down

    Wanted: a midget to kick ex-lover Here is a screenshot of his ad: Someone posted an ad in response to his ad as well...
  3. G

    Scammers on gumtree etc.

    Hi Guys/Gals, I would like to start a thread if one hasn't been started on this topic before about scammers. The point of this thread would be to list numbers of known scammers just as a precautionary measure for when you are selling stuff on well known websites. So the laptop I'm...
  4. jes

    Most popular websites in SA

    Most popular websites in SA Latest Alexa statistics reveal which websites are the most popular among South Africa’s Internet users
  5. RazedInBlack

    Woman attempts to swap baby on Gumtree

    A 19-year-old Milnerton woman has been arrested in connection with an online advert offering a baby in exchange for a house in July. More: Darwin award?

    Weirdest response from a Gumtree ad

    I placed a couple of ads on Gumtree, then this week I get an email from a woman in Dakar who saw my "profile" there. Read below. A scam? I was totally like "WTF!!!!!" 1st E-Mail: Hello, How are you doing today hope fine.My name is joy I came accross your profile here and after going through...
  7. J

    tv's for sale on gumtree are overpriced!

    I've picked up that people sell their 2nd hand goods on gumtree for more than what the places like hificorp/makro/game etc sell it for. It's insane... so I sent a msg's to someone saying, "i can get the TV for cheaper from makro, i will offer you R1000 less than your offer seeing it's 2nd...
  8. H

    Post funny Gumtree ads here
  9. D

    Gumtree problems

    Hi there I just wanted to know if anybody else is having problems with posting on Gumtree lately...all that happens after is posting is the usual "your post has been completed" message but it has the massive red X next to it. I never get the confirmation email (on both my addresses)...and...