happy birthday

  1. T

    I'm not sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday on Facebook

    http://www.dailydot.com/via/happy-birthday-facebook-notifications/ Does anyone have similar views on this? I'm of the same opinion that if I wished you a Happy Birthday I would call or text you, FB is very impersonal.
  2. ChilliGirl


    !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOCCY !!! :D :p :D :whistle: :D :p :D You must have a wonderful DAY!!!! Did The_Lirarian bake you chocolate cake for today??? //hugs :)
  3. S

    Happy Birthday to rpm!

    And to everyone else on the list celebrating a birthday today! # rpm # techchallenged # Anton-AHA (39) # MOLEMO (24) # Archie1 (20) Thanks to rpm for this forum that informs, incites and sparks debate. Thanks for all your hard work Rudolph and may Cara spoil you rotten - pics or it...
  4. AirWolf

    The "Happy Birthday" thread

    Hi all :) Firstly I would like to thank MyBB for the birthday wishes. Secondly I would like to wish superioritshawn, Mammat, and RobY a happy birthday :). Finally, since there is no other thread to wish people a happy birthday on a daily basis - this thread can be it:D. Cheers:)...
  5. S

    Happy Birthday to rph72 and all the rest for today!

    Have a great day mense! :)
  6. S

    Happy Birthday to Snormossel, EchoZA and all the rest for today!

    Have a great one chaps and chappettes! :D Geniet die dag! All of the best and may you all get what you hoped for! :D
  7. S

    Happy Birthday to MyDraadloos, stoke and the rest!

    Have a great day! Hip Hip! :D :D
  8. S

    Happy Birthday to GTi and the rest for this day!

    Congrats! :D Hope you all have a great one! Hip Hip!!!! :D :D
  9. medicnick83

    sh0t is 23!

    Happy birthday to sh0t who is 23 today! Some of you have met him at a MyBB meet (he had his arm in a cast) Anyways, sh0t, you must have a lekker day today and I'll swing by 'your spot' tonight and wish you. Everyone else - please wish this emo-boy (j/k) happy birthday! :)
  10. DJ...

    Happy Birthday Biff!!!!!!

    And to the others as well: Erpenstine (42), Drusky (29), eagle-slayor (27), Graeme Smith, andres101 (26), Gnome (22), x3n0ph0n, squirrel (18) Apparently the real Biff is born in February though. Have a good one...
  11. DJ...

    Wow, so many birthdays today!!!! Happy happy!!!!

    rebel, !!DV!!, aozkaya (40), baratas (39), duderoo (35), Hot_Chocolate (32), Retnox (27), freaky987 (22), kris860911 (22), Clarkey (19) Happy Birthday to you all. A special happy happy to HC for giving me so many laughs and I hope Ook spoils you "stukkend". Some of you I dont recognise but...