jannie van zyl

  1. Jan

    Most iconic cellphones in SA's history

    SA’s most iconic cellphones Cellular bigwigs weigh in on which handsets are the most iconic in SA’s cellular history.
  2. jes

    Unlicensed spectrum usage battle

    Unlicensed spectrum usage battle WBS/iBurst is under fire for allegedly using unlicensed spectrum for their microwave backhaul network
  3. rpm

    Free bandwidth after midnight

    Free Internet after midnight iBurst launches ‘free Internet after midnight trial’; free to all iBurst subscribers
  4. rpm

    Jannie van Zyl

    Jannie van Zyl is an Electronics Engineer by training and an ICT veteran with over 25 years experience in the industry. He got involved in the IT industry in the 1980's with the explosive growth of the Personal Computing (PC) market, and followed the trend into the '90's as networking – and in...
  5. rpm

    New iBurst Group CEO announced

    New iBurst Group CEO announced Well known MyBroadband member to head up iBurst Group
  6. M

    Vodacom Speed Test & Results: speed.vodacom.co.za & speedtest.net

    Hi Forumites!!! There are many members that wonder how their Vodacom Wireless connection performs in comparison with other Wireless Broadband users. If you have some spare time please do the Telkom speed test and give your area and tower you logon to, aslo state if you are using GPRS, EDGE or...