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    My experience renewing my drivers licence

    Yesterday I had my turn at the dreaded licensing department, not to renew my cars licence, but my own card, the one needed to operate a vehicle legally on the road, the one who gives you permission to drive like a lunatic and nearly kill everyone while on your way to buy some milk and...
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    Jonnie On Cars Video review

    So, again another post on this wonderful form, Honestly, I thank you all for all the views and support. I have started doing video reviews on cars, and yes, it sucks. there are alot of reasons on why it sucks, but that is something for another time. Like a big idiot I went and shot everything...
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    Starting up

    A lot of times someone gets this idea to use the little electronic man inside your computer to ask a series of ridiculous questions. Questions such as how do I become a test driver, how do I become a motoring journalist, or how do I clip a hangnail on my big toe. The answer is almost always the...
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    Traffic light are 101 years old today

    We love to complain about things, and one thing we love to complain about is traffic and how many chicken brained inbreds rush over a red light, forcing you to wait another cycle, adding a good few minutes to your trip. We love complaining about congestion when a traffic light does not work due...
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    Hello world

    A warm hello and welcome to this thread first of all, and I really hope you would leave here entertained, and leave me bruised and wiser. :) I just found out my company would be retrenching in November, and that sucks, but, as my daddy always said, knowledge is power. So here I am, taking...