law and justice (pis)

  1. S

    Architech advise

    Hi Guys, I need your opinion on the below, i have posted on gumtree that im looking for a domestic architect to deal with some renovations at home, these are making my double garage double story and removing the garages it will be a granny flat to be rented. I get contact by a guy (registered...
  2. B34ni3boy

    Obtaining law articles and accreditation

    I am hoping somebody on this forum can assist with some advice. -My wife recently obtained her LLB Law Degree through Unisa last year 2018. -She signed a 5 year articles contract under the old Attorneys act, which has now changed to Legal practice act. -She has completed 4 years of her...
  3. W

    Recourse for medical misdiagnosis?

    Hi Guys and Girls, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with medical misdiagnosis or malpractice? Is it worth pursuing at all, and if so how did you go about it? The short version is I had been going to a trusted doctor from a well known medical institute for a cough over the course of...
  4. S

    Assault Charge - I need help guys.

    Okay so Saturday last week my Lenovo yoga tablet was stolen out of one of the school computer rooms (i am a university student by the way). All evidence seemed to point towards one guy who was the only guy seen in that area the next day i caught up with the guy whence an interrogation ensued...
  5. Jan

    Hackers and server problems marred Polish local elections

    Hackers, IT problems disrupt Polish local elections Server crashes and reports of hacking of the Polish electoral commission’s website have marred local elections in the country.