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  1. fundutzi

    A public internet forum for za law? Specific today re trusts

    Dear All, Do you know of a public internet forum where I can ask for help re za law? {I cannot find one in reasonable time} The idea, find a forum, scan it for answers. See what users/ companies are motivated and capable over time. Approach person/ companies and pay for the service I need...
  2. I


  3. J

    Rate per KM for private vehicle

    Hi guys I have a questions. I work in a sales role where my employment contract says the following: ‘MOTOR VEHICLE It is a condition of employment that the employee has a suitable, reliable motor vehicle which he/she will be required to use for work purposes. The employer shall bear the cost...
  4. B

    CPA and Fixed Term Contracts

    I have an Alarm and Armed Response contract which expires at the end of the month (31 Jan 2020) as I took out a 24 month contract on the 31st Jan 2018. I requested it for it to be canceled on the 20th Jan 2020 and finally got a response on the 24th Jan 2020 to say that it would be canceled from...
  5. V

    RSAWeb legal issues

    I am here to ask for some legal advice concerning my dealings with RSAWeb the last couple of months, as well as to warn everyone from dealing with them. This all started a couple of months ago when I joined RSAWeb because of their free installation and 1-month free deal. It all started great...
  6. A

    IP Address owner

    Good day, I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but here goes: How can I prove that an IP Address belongs to someone that I am taking to court? What is required? Is it even possible to prove that an IP Address belongs to one person? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards
  7. J

    regulatory compliance of wifi in a corporate airspace behind access control area

    Can a company that is hosting their own Wifi behind access control doors, force users/vistors to power off and/or DoS the users/vistors Mobile hotspot / private AP in their corporate office space? I believe that Wifi is public licensed airspace medium , does that not mean that the corporate...
  8. S

    Undisclosed Accident Damage on Second Hand Car - Legal Advice?

    Hi guys I've bought an 2007 Audi A3 2.0 FSI in a private sale earlier this week. I drove the car, checked out the outside and interior and everything seemed ok. I asked the seller repeatedly whether the car has been in any accidents and he told me there was only a minor door scrape that he...
  9. F

    Assistance with taking legal action against Vodacom

    Hi, I want to take Vodacom to small claims court over a repair they did on my phone. I cannot get feedback from them where I have to deliver the "Letter of Demand" to make the claim in JHB. Can anyone offer advice on where I should deliver the letter of demand? Thanks
  10. C

    Advice? Bought house and current tenants refuse to move?

    I need some advice. I bought a town house and my offer to purchase stated that I were to move in 1 Dec 2013. The premises is currently being leased to someone else. But now they refuse to move. I am all packed and nowhere to go. I have to be out by the end of this week in the place that...
  11. H

    Dismissal of an Employee for stealing

    Am in the training and conferencing industry and whenever a new seminar is produced and ready for marketing its sent out to all our sales people to go ahead with the marketing.So i did just that, and the next minute i found one of our employees has sent the program agenda to his own personal...