1. M

    Traffic offences...specifically speeding fines

    Hi everyone Last month I was caught speeding and received a traffic fine. After recently reading the whole thing about getting arrested for certain offences and the response from JPSA, I decided to do some more research. Well after reading a few websites and sections 54, 56 and 57 of the...
  2. J

    Windows 10 Unauthorised background download and Vodacom Bill

    Hi all I have a Windows 7 laptop that is set to do no updates. Surprisingly got a Vodacom account for R1860. Vodacom said that it could only be windows 10 auto background download (2-6GB) and that quite a lot of scimiilar cases have been reported. Microsofts response is that updates...
  3. W

    Afrihost/OpenWeb ADSL class-action lawsuit

    Hello all, Considering the abysmal performance many users have received from these ISPs(Afrihost / OpenWeb), as well as the utter nonsense and lies they've been trying to feed us when we complain, I am in the process of getting legal counsel wrt a class-action lawsuit against them. It...
  4. owenswart

    Getting sued for defamation over blog post

    Looking to pick the brains of anyone who's been through this before. I made a blog post which amounted to a poor reference for a former employee. A very poor one. Now that employee is suing me for defamation. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be done (An application to...
  5. terencej

    Crowd funding for equity

    Hi all, I was wondering this morning about investing in new ideas and business. The kind you find on Kickstarter. Then I was wondering how I could benefit from it in the form of investment and stumbeled on to this article...
  6. F

    Fraudulently signed contract Vodacom

    I need some advice. I recently took out a contract with Vodacom after porting from MTN. The day after I took out my contract, I noticed the subscription fee dropped by R40 per month. I went into the same store the next day and requested my contract to be cancelled or the subscription...
  7. D

    Seeking Advice on Labour Law (assistance welcome)

    HI i'm not sure i'm in the right forum (please move to correct forum thread) i've tried googling legal forums for advice but i must suck at googling:confused: as i only found one and no reply on that. So i'll post it on a forum i read often but not reply to often. I'll be posting the exact...
  8. I

    Legal- Criminal record expungement?

    Hi, I am a 24 year old South African & have 2 charges of possession in my name. 1st one I got when I was caught with a joint shortly after having turned 18 & the second one I got when I got busted buying a bank-bag full of weed (about 10 grams) when I was about 21. I signed an admission of...
  9. QuintonB

    TAG to tackle e-tolls in court

    E-toll system heading back to court The Tollgate Action Group (TAG) would push ahead with a court case to have Gauteng’s e-tolls declared unconstitutional, the organisation said on Thursday.
  10. QuintonB

    Free legal defence for first e-toll case

    Free defence for first e-toll case Legal firm Findlay & Niemeyer Inc has offered to defend the first non-compliant e-toll road user as a test case, it said on Monday.
  11. princes_arabella

    Cancelling a *new* cellphone contract (<2 days old)

    I signed my first contract with Vodacom on Tuesday evening. When I got home the power was off and the phone battery was dead, so I couldn't charge the phone. Wednesday morning, I charged the phone and when I got to work I started setting it up. After the initial excitement wore off, I noticed...
  12. G

    Is Your Wireless Service Provider Legal?

    We have recently noticed that ICASA appears to be on a drive to remove illegally installed wireless equipment around the country. When purchasing services from a WISP, please be sure to ask them for a copy of their license details before signing up with them. They MUST be able to produce a...
  13. R

    Rental Problems Advice

    Good day! I hope this is the right area to post such a thread. I need some advice on a situation that we are going through. We moved into a new place in a "secure" complex beginning of last month. It looked very secure and neat. The first night staying there we had a guy trying to climb...
  14. J

    Legal recourse on appliance bought on Gumtree - is there any?

    Is there any legal recourse on something bought from someone directly? My example is a dishwasher I bought on Gumtree from someone. When viewing it all seemed to be fine. On installing at home, I noticed some missing parts inside and it is useless unless I get these parts or have it repaired...
  15. M

    Amsterdam To Raise Legal Age For Prostitutes

    Amsterdam plans to raise the minimum age for prostitutes from 18 to 21 and force brothels to close during early morning hours. At a press conference Tuesday, mayor Eberhard van der Laan said the moves came from a decision to crack down on crime in the city's famed Red Light District and...
  16. Rouxenator

    Forced to sign Restraint of Trade agreement in notice period

    So this is the deal: Of the 8 people in my team there are 6 of us that quit this week. We are now on a 60 day notice period. The reason for this is because of an imminent relocation of the company. All of us wrote to management the same day the move was announced (early October) stating that...
  17. S

    The poor 'products' of the LLB degree.

    Source: ( 3 Page article ) This is scary to say the least. He is referring to advocates in the High courts.
  18. L

    Problem: Emolument Attachment Order

    [TL;DR] A company got an Emolument Attachment Order for a colleague of mine that had R1915.28 outstanding debt (that probably already prescribed). This after a debt collector led her into signing some documents that she probably should not have signed and then promised to call her to arrange a...
  19. LazyLion

    E-tolls legal bill: you’ll pay for the Govt's legal defense Can these stupid mooks ever find a way to stop leaking cash at such an alarming rate??? :(
  20. QuintonB

    Former MTN CEO denies bribery claims

    Former MTN CEO denies Iran bribe claim The former chief executive of MTN Group denied on Sunday that he authorized bribes to Iranian and South African government officials in return for a cellular license in Iran.