1. A

    Can South Africans Legally Play International Lotteries?

    The topic says it all really. Is it possible, through a site like, to play foreign lotteries, and if you win actually be paid out legally? Does SARS take a cut of your winnings, or does SARS consider this to be foreign online gambling and therefore completely off...
  2. H

    Dismissal of an Employee for stealing

    Am in the training and conferencing industry and whenever a new seminar is produced and ready for marketing its sent out to all our sales people to go ahead with the marketing.So i did just that, and the next minute i found one of our employees has sent the program agenda to his own personal...
  3. QuintonB

    Jobs told Google to stop poaching workers

    Steve Jobs told Google to stop poaching workers Apple’s Steve Jobs directly asked former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt to stop trying to recruit an Apple engineer, a transgression that threatened one junior Google employee’s job, according to a court filing.
  4. C

    Driving with certified copy of Learner's License

    :DI got my learner's license on the 23rd of December and everything has been going smooth except for one obstacle... Carrying that A4 paper around!:cry: I often have to switch between driving my car, my brother's car, my mom's car and my dad's car which often means that I left the License in...
  5. G

    [Legal] Need help ASAP ...

    Hello, I caused an accedant a few years ago(2007) involving me and a SAPS vehicle. Damage to both vehicles were not excessive and there were no injuries also I was sober(just if you wondered). Friday(2/12/2011) a police captan called me to inform me the I must come and pick-up my subpoena at...
  6. Rouxenator

    Is it legal to sign with an X

    For years we used access cards (RFID) to enter our office building but the system is being replaced by a new one. In the mean while we need to sign an attendance register at the front desk. Apparently management is not too fond of people signing in with a tick (correct mark) as they claim that...
  7. S

    The Core Group & Parallel/Grey Imports of Apple Products

    Does anyone know the legal implications of 'grey' imports of Apple products such as MacBook Pro's and iPads into South Africa, specifically for resale? I already know that for personal use, we have a "no holds barred" approach on any product imported into SA, given that they are legal to use/own...
  8. U

    Database for sale...

    Greetings, I received and email about databases for sale, South African based. Tracing this back I noticed that this company / individual is already listed in the ISPA Hall of shame. However, instead of just ranting and raving I have made contact...
  9. D

    Legal advice required regarding Telkom poles on my property

    Hi there. This is my 1st post. I have applied for a new telkom line and ADSL in my area (Kyalami) and have been refused as there is reported cable theft in the area. I understand that cable theft is a serious issue, but there are 3 poles with cable on already in my garden. There used to...
  10. J

    Wendy house for domestic worker - is it legal?

    Hi there I need to employ a full time domestic worker, but do not have any spare rooms in my house. Is it legal to have a domestic worker live in a Wendy House and are there any regulations I need to abide by in this regard? Does anyone have any tips / advice to offer in buying the right...
  11. jes

    Is online gambling SA legal?

    Is online gambling SA legal? Interactive gambling legislation in South Africa may be in limbo until after an appeal to a high court ruling is heard
  12. jes

    WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to resume court battle over extradition on Monday

    WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to resume court battle over extradition on Monday
  13. E

    We have lived in our house for 30 years - squatters rights?

    Both my husband and I have been retrenched and we had an arrangement with Standard Bank to lower our mortgage bond payment to R2600 per month for 2 years now. However our small business is deteriorating and we cannot afford to pay the house anymore. We have lived in it for 30 years and owe...
  14. jes

    Online betting in South Africa - still legal according to Powerbet Gaming

    Online betting in South Africa - still legal according to Powerbet Gaming Powerbet Gaming argues that while there are no licensed online casinos legally operating in South Africa, they offer legal betting services online
  15. M

    Trademark registration process

    I've got a client that wants me to come up with a company name, corporate id and site for him. Which is fine. I've got some options, most of which have .com sites already, but not ones. Flip I hate cybersquatters. He says that he will probably be rolling his products out into other...
  16. xrapidx

    Legal advice: Small claims procedure with overseas individual.

    As some know, I bought a house last year - it is slowly coming to light that the seller took quite a few short-cuts to comply with the offer to purchase. One was getting the transfer attorney's to tell me an electrical compliance certificate had been issued when it had not - they did so in...
  17. LazyLion

    OiNK Torrent Admin Found Not Guilty! Finally, some common sense in the UK. Been a long time coming.
  18. LazyLion

    Pirate Bay deal now in serious jeopardy HaHa... The Pirate Bay was doomed the moment they mentioned a possible sale. Everyone jumped ship at that stage. People lost all faith in them to continue the fight when they thought of "going legal".
  19. S

    Legal Question about Eavesdropping

    I hope this is in the right place if not please redirect to correct spot. My query is this, a customer is claiming damages from the company I work for, and as I was the contact person I am in the firing line. His version of what occurred and mine vary greatly. However he claims that he...
  20. DJ...

    Competitor parking on our domain - what to do?

    To cut a long story short, some time ago a competitor registered our company's full name as a domain and are redirecting from that site to theirs. As far as I know, this is illegal. Our company is well known in the market, our brand is highly respected, our name has absolutely no affiliation...