1. Daruk

    Homeless blogger

    This is a cool blog... how many of us have actually wondered at least once in our lives what it must be like to be homeless... and where many homeless people come from... Oh, and she's just recently fallen in love - there's the making of a novel...
  2. H


    RichardG's thread inspired me to share this: the joys of love! Well, basically, I just wanted to share with you guys out there that real love on the internet really does happen. But a lot of times, it also doesn't work out... I met The_Librarian in Aug 1999 on a forum (chit-chat). We...
  3. R

    Online dating not best way to find love

    If you’re looking for true love the Net may not be the best place to find your soul mate but it’s okay if you just want a date. Online dating not best way to find love