1. RedViking

    MyBB Achievements and Nominations

    Every now and then there are specific users that stand out in their field of expertise here on the forum, whether it is medical advice, policing, relationship advice, trolling, pineapple beer expert etc. Sometimes they deserve a badge for some recognition. :p Rules: 1. Try to be nice. 2...
  2. RedViking

    Happy Mentions Day!

    On 12 December 2018 the @mention tag was revived and the news was proudly announced: and some never lost faith in the system and those maintaining it. It was taken away from us before the sun could set, we were left in darkness with no voice to shout, but it was brought back at sun rise...
  3. M


    I noticed on the carbonite forum that they have this feature called "Mentions", which I think is pretty cool. Basically, if you tag a forum member in a thread/post, they will receive a notification for it. This is quite useful. I can recall many posts where users were trying to specifically get...