mercedes benz

  1. Jan

    Why new and secondhand car prices in South Africa are shooting through the roof

    Car prices in South Africa going through the roof Have you been on AutoTrader lately? If not, you may be surprised to find that South Africa’s already stratospheric car prices are even higher. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to South Africa, though. Across the world, car prices have soared due...
  2. GipsyD

    W205 C220d/C250d AMG Sedan vs W204 C350 CDI AMG Sedan - Daily Driver

    One of my family members is looking to upgrade their daily driver. Currently, he drives a C200 AMG Kompressor Sedan (W204) as his daily driver. Recently, the car started to give him grief, and has ultimately decided it was time to upgrade and move on. He has decided to repair the car as best he...
  3. T

    Service of Diesel Mercedes Sprinters outside of warranty ? advise or advice ;)

    Hi, i am sure those who had or have panel vans or carriers the pains of HONEST MECHANICS re DIESEL is a problem. From being told stores of injectors, common rails, sensors or even worse your turbo ?! best place to go for the best solution to the pains of vehicle maintenance :)...
  4. U

    Becker Silverstone 10 Disc Changer Model 2630 Wanted circa 1996

    Looking for Becker Silverstone 10 Disc Changer Model 2630 about 1996 fitted to W202 MB C220
  5. P

    Sell or Give: What To Do

    I haven't been here in ages, but def needed the never ending wisdom of the MyBB forumites :D So I'm about to order (hope nothing messes up the deal now, including the dreaded price increases every few months now) a Mercedes-Benz A200 with AMG kit, pano sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, park assist...
  6. V

    mercedes c240 services

    Hi guys, I am planning on buying a 1999 C240 mercedes with approx 220 000km on the clock. Before I close the deal I need to know what service intervals are and the approx cost of minor and major services...Any merc specialists or technicians can comment on this? The engine covers did look a...
  7. akescpt

    2nd hand mercedes with motorplan

    hiya! came across a 2nd hand merc with an active motorplan for 60k more kilometers which expires in 2 years time. guy wants about +-160k. now im attracted by the 2 year trouble free motoring and i should be able to sell it before the motorplan expires. good idea or am i looking for trouble...
  8. D

    Which Engine Oil to Use For Diesel Merc

    Which Engine Oil should I use for my 2005 Mercedes Benz C220 CDI (Manual) and where do I get it at the best price? I need to top up with about 1.5litres. I read the manual and it says something like Sheet 229.31 but Im not sure how to use that to get the oil I want? Advice Please
  9. L

    I want to buy a 2005 Mercedes Benz C220 with 240,000Km mileage. Advice???

    Im not well versed with cars. I am buying a 2005 Mercedes Benz C220 Avantgarde(manual) with 240,000Km mileage and I need advise. Is it true that with a Merc high mileage does not matter that much?I will take the vehicle for an AA mechanical inspection just to get an expert opinion but I still...
  10. DJ...

    Anyone know what Mercedes this is?

    I want one...