1. LazyLion

    I don't have any money, so here's a spider!

    ROTFL!!! funny e-mail correspondence!
  2. N

    What Business can I Start???

    Guys, I'm not very well paid and make around 12 grand after deductions. Now I've been thinking of starting a business, not very good ideas pop up. As far as business ideas, I think of those which are morally questionable, like a bar and brothel. By this December, I will have savings of at...
  3. Rouxenator

    Is it illegal to destroy money ?

    When I was still in school it was fun to cut up 1c coins with a tin cutter or put them on railroads and watch them get flattened. A friend told me it is actually illegal to destroy money. So I am wondering if it is illegal to melt down a lot of coins into something useful ?
  4. T

    Heard about a scam just now...

    Someone just told me about how someone they know had an attempted scam carried out on them, just thought I would share and see if anyone else has heard of this. They recieved a phone call from some alleged authority figure, asking them why they had not appeared in court (as they were supposed...
  5. rpm

    ICT spend to rise

    ICT spend to rise
  6. LazyLion

    Saving Money again... your cellphone contract

    just reviewed ours with the boss. Check what value added services you have attached to your cellphone contract. Ask yourself if you really need them? e.g. CLIP - do you really need to know who is calling? (if you use yours primarily for work, then maybe you can turn this feature off)...
  7. T

    Have you ever donated money towards open source software?

    I admit, I'm really thinking of donating a bit of my cash to Mozilla for inventing Firefox :D:D:D Has anyone here donated money or skills towards open source companies? :confused:
  8. L


    Where can I find tonights balls ...err I mean numbers:)
  9. V

    Property Development - Making money with property

    Ok, so here we go. This is a thread for anyone who is interested in making money with property. Edit: IzZzy's PM has had to be removed Hope you guys don't mind, in the interest of time, I'm going to steal from some of my older posts on the forum. My advice to someone starting out would...