1. jes

    MyBroadband iPhone and Android forum apps launched

    MyBroadband iPhone and Android forum apps launched MyBroadband and MyGaming join the smartphone app revolution by releasing iPhone and Android forum apps
  2. R

    MyBroadband Conference 2010: Great speakers

    MyBroadband Conference 2010: The best ever speaker line-up 2010 MyBroadband Conference speaker list reads like a who’s who in the local broadband market
  3. jes

    MyBroadband weekly giveaway: Wireless-N HomePlug Starter Kit

    MyBroadband weekly giveaway: Wireless-N HomePlug Starter Kit Stand a chance to win a Wireless-N HomePlug AV 200 Ethernet Starter Kit. Use it to create a broadband network out of your in-home power lines
  4. LazyLion

    Most Users ever Online - 31-03-2010!

    So what was so special about today?
  5. D

    Today is the last day that I read mybroadband news articles

    Today I really looked forward to my favourite passtime - reading what's happening in the world of SA IT/Broadband. I've been working myself to death to get a project done (pulled a few all-nighters in the last 2 weeks), so naturally I was quite excited to feed my brain some much needed info. I...
  6. K

    Does 94.7 Higveld Sterio scout MyBB for News?

    Yesterday I heard the presenters talking about the misspelled words, as per thread now, ok - they might have gotten this from another source, but then I also hear them talking about the Irritating sound of the Vuvuzela, as per thread here, which was just a RANT, not a news story. Now i'm...
  7. Z

    MyBB RSS feed

    I've been following the MyBB news rss feed in Google Reader for quite some time now and was wondering if you guys could consider using FeedBurner? It makes it a lot easier to read articles instead of just article headlines, provides added functionality of digging, bookmarking and e-mailing...
  8. M

    mercurial's branded gear giveaway

    Following on from this thread, I have decided to give my branded gear away to a lucky forumite. I'm therefore running a little competition of my own, which I will close tomorrow morning at 11:00am. All you need to do is post any number from 1 - 200 in this thread, and tomorrow morning promptly...
  9. LazyLion


    Hey I really like the newsletter... but you didn't have to send it to me three times! :D I promise I will read the first one! ;)
  10. Pooky

    MyBroadband in PCFormat
  11. R

    MyBroadband Mobile

    We have had many requests for a news section suitable for mobile devices. We designed a very basic system which will provide all the information – hence articles - without any graphics or other unnecessary stuff. You can access it by using either of the following URLs...
  12. R

    Newsletter – test please

    Hi there We moved our newsletter over to a new system and it will be great if you can test it and give feedback. The link is It is a daily ‘RSS’ newsletter and you can obviously unsubscribe after testing it. The layout needs some work, but...
  13. M

    MyBB Cured my addiction

    MyBB has cured my addiction of facebook :D Since joining MyBB I've only visited facebook once - To join the MyBB group :D:p Now if I can only cure my addiction of MyBB......:rolleyes:
  14. T

    MyBroadband Addicts Anonymous For all the addicts here :D:D:D P.s. Ouma takes a bit of credit for thinking that up
  15. R

    Community fund: Your feedback needed

    Hi there After all the previous discussions about advertising on the site we would like to suggest a system where everyone benefits. We would like to give a portion of the advertising revenue to this community – you will decide what to do with the funds. The basic idea: For every ad view...