national union of metalworkers (numsa)

  1. Jan

    Eskom, unions agree to "injury time" for wage negotiations

    Eskom unions reject 5.25% salary increase Eskom has assured that its three recognized trade unions have committed to a fourth round of wage negotiations in June after they couldn’t reach an agreement this week. Last year, Eskom workers went on an unprotected strike, with union leaders...
  2. Jan

    The politics of hiring free engineers to help fix Eskom's breakdown problem

    Eskom appoints 18 from Solidarity's list of 300 skilled engineers — while being hamstrung by politics Eskom has so far appointed 18 people from a list of 300 "turnaround agents" submitted to the power utility by Solidarity, according to Rapport. The relatively small number of appointees is...
  3. Jan

    Denel must pay outstanding salaries of R90 million or face asset seizure

    Denel ordered to pay R90 million in outstanding salaries — or else The Johannesburg Labour Court has ordered state-owned arms manufacturer Denel to pay R90 million in outstanding salaries to employees. That comes after Solidarity took Denel to court over overdue salaries and other payments...
  4. Jan

    SAA refunds are still broken

    Before you buy a ticket on SAA — read this MyBroadband tested the South African Airways (SAA) refunds department for a cancelled flight, and the results showed that it remained dysfunctional. SAA promised first-class customer service and restoration of the airline to its former glory when it...
  5. Jan

    The New SAA - 25% managers, 75% staff

    New SAA — 250 managers for 750 staff South African Airways (SAA) has a bloated and overpaid management team, with 250 managers overseeing only 750 staff members. National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) national spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi-Majola said SAA staff members had their salaries cut by...
  6. Jan

    SAA staff on strike, no equity partner, and flight and support uncertainty

    SAA disaster Less than three weeks after taking to the skies again, South African Airways (SAA) is already facing a backlash from staff, cancelled flights, and support problems. Only days after launching re-launching flights on 23 September 2021, SAA made significant changes to its new...