online shopping

  1. jes

    Amazon voted most satisfying website to shop through

    Amazon voted most satisfying website to shop through Amazon remained the best website for shopping online, according to a survey released on Thursday.
  2. J

    EBay and PayPal see biggest mobile shopping day

    EBay and PayPal have biggest mobile shopping day ever Mobile shopping hits an all-time high on 9 December 2012
  3. QuintonB

    Microsoft vs Google: online shopping search battle

    Microsoft, Google in online shopping catfight Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft and Google have become embroiled in a bitter dispute over who is the fairest of them all for online shopping, stepping up the battle between the tech giants.
  4. J

    R12.89 billion spent on Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday shoppers spent R12.89 billion Online shoppers spent a record $1.46 billion during the Cyber Monday shopping spree
  5. J

    Cyber Monday 2012 becomes the biggest online shopping day

    Cyber Monday: biggest online shopping day ever Cyber Monday (26 November 2012) has become the biggest online shopping day ever after sales increased more than 30 percent from the previous year
  6. J

    Cyber Monday sees expected boost for online shopping

    Cyber Monday sees online shopping jump Online shopping and sales saw an increase over Cyber Monday (26 November 2012), which has become known to be the biggest online shopping day
  7. J

    Sites seized on Cyber Monday for counterfeit goods sales

    132 counterfeit sites seized on Cyber Monday 132 online sites were pulled down after it was revealed that counterfeit goods were being sold through Cyber Monday sales
  8. J

    iPhone and iPad popular for shopping online

    iPhone and iPad dominate online shopping Apple’s devices were the dominant platforms for online shopping during Black Friday
  9. J

    Cyber Monday likely to be biggest online shopping day

    Cyber Monday set to boom online shopping Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is likely to be the busiest online sales day, with the US expected to spend $1.5 billion
  10. J

    New body scanner could promote online clothes shopping

    Body scanner could boost online shopping A new body scanner can act as a virtual tape measure to help boost online clothes shopping
  11. D

    Lazy online shoppers - takealot vs groupon

    - Groupon sells a 1TB WD 2.5" drive for R999 and 72 people buy - Takealot has been selling the exact same drive for R899 for weeks...
  12. J

    eBay adds features inspired by social networks

    eBay gets social network inspiration The new-look eBay has added a number of features inspired by social networking sites
  13. QuintonB

    Banking is the most popular online activity - survey

    What do you do online the most? Banking. Banking and keeping track of finances, shopping and searching for jobs are the main tasks of Internet users around the globe, according to a new international survey.
  14. E

    Esquire Virtual Reseller Network (VRN)

    Firstly my sincere and humble apologies to RPM and the Mods if this sounds like an advert , but we have had some many calls, emails and PM’s regarding our Virtual Reseller Network that we decided to make video to explain the concept which has just been uploaded to YouTube and will be our...
  15. M

    Not impressed with Have2Have this time

    I've only ever bought from once before, but the experience was so good that I decided to use them again. This time around I had a very poor experience. It's not anywhere as bad as most stories, where they give you the constant run-around, but surely after having ordered...
  16. jes

    Online shopping prices: Kalahari and Takelot compared

    Online shopping prices: Kalahari and Takelot compared MyBroadband compares the prices of South Africa’s largest online shops: and
  17. W

    PQSound - Legit?

    Hi all I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I reckon it is somewhat of a 'security' matter. I've never been into online shopping and, as a result, I'm very cautious of buying anything online. I always worry that one of those random shopping sites could be a scam to phish...
  18. T

    Comparison of grocery basket - Pick N Pay, Woolworths And Shoprite - Carte Blanche

    With Carte Blance recently doing a consumer watch for comparing items, there is a website that has been monitoring this for more than a month already . Check out the price comparison site of grocery items - for full list of items with graph go to and click on...
  19. P

    FREE ITEMS - with Samsung N150 BLACK Netbooks :)

    Heya MYBB'ers We now have gotten the BLACK Samsung N150's in stock (previously were only WHITE) We're giving away a FREE Targus Netbook case + free Netbook speakers with any purchase. Stock is limited, first come first serve. @ R3760 each :) You'll need to email our callcenter staff...
  20. P

    PC Direct - Blackbox Prebuilds

    BlackBox Entry Level 3 SKU S-BBOXE5323 INTEL PENTIUM E5300 DC S775, 2.60GHZ G31 MOTHERBOARD, LAN 2GB 320GB 22 x DVD Writer MICRO ATX CASE KEYBOARD,MOUSE and SPEAKERS 1 YEAR WARRANTY Delivery Times: 24-72 hr nationwide: Order before 12h00 Monday - Friday, to receive...