1. L

    Mr Mandela No Longer A Prisoner

    Source: News24 I wonder how it was arranged? Did Madiba really go willingly?
  2. E

    Concerned Citizen

    I would like to know why are people supporting Zuma? What has he ever done for the country? Does his trail concerning corruption resonate with some of the lower income people of South Africa? Do they see him as one of them, being unfairly treated by other people in South Africa? The majority...
  3. Bona Botse

    political paty threads?

    so why don't some of the guys on the forums create threads detailing their parties' vision and stance on a few important issues in the country? i know this info is available on their respective web sites, but finding that info can be cumbersome. i'd post a thread myself as an example, but i'm...
  4. N

    Mosiuoa Lekota discusses democracy

    Mosiuoa Lekota today at a press conference in Johannesburg laid out his thoughts on the state of the nation and the nations democracy. See the full video here.
  5. S

    Mbeki's foreign policy failures

    Well written article, shows how much Mbeki and the ANC have chosen ideology over realism.
  6. DJ...

    Please help to save the springbok emblem...

    Here is the email that I have sent out. Please forward this to all of your contacts - thank you... As many of you probably already know, plans to change our national rugby emblem from the springbok to the protea are in an advanced stage, after our government’s previous and numerous failed...
  7. LazyLion

    Time to stop the Zuma Saga

    Time to stop the Zuma Saga By Pieter Schoombe (On the Contrary Column) E-mail: voelklipvermont@maxitec.co.za Scanned from the Cape Business News, September 2008, page 40 THE annual Kalfie Festival was recently celebrated in Onrus River and it was my privilege to chair a discussion on...
  8. LazyLion

    Are the Scorpions working for the CIA and MI5?

  9. S

    Zim: The End Game

    To me that seems unlikely but you never know. Maybe the JOC or whoever holds the real power will negotiate a better deal with the MDC and give up Mugabe.
  10. S

    Can SA sustain its Prague Spring?

    Personally I think the main reason we're seeing more criticism is that the government in the form of Mbeki and his cabinet no longer has the power, Zuma does. That makes it easier for to criticise the government without offending the real power base. I doubt it'll continue for that long then...
  11. DJ...

    Is South Africa ready for a white president?

    Following on the US black president debate: If you think SA is ready, then why and if you dont, then why not and when do you think we will be? Please keep it civil. In other words no racist drivel...