prepaid meters

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    Overcharged on electricity prepaid meter: TheMeterMan

    SOS I feel like l am being overcharged in my prepaid meter is this normal? I pay R2.92 per kWh, and l live in Lyndhurst. My household is just 2 adults and a 5yr old. We are at school & work all day, no tv or radio, small fridge & really only cook 1meal a day. Geyser is switched on only for a...
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    Hexing CIU Dat and Time set

    Hey does anyone know how to set the date and time on these prepaid meters?
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    New startup business

    I am thinking about starting my own prepaid business similar to this one and would like your input about the viability of this type of business
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    Molefe urges municipalities to move to prepaid electricity meters Once NERSA and the DoE have decided on the framework and regulatory rules to connect rooftop PV, anybody who wants a rooftop PV system will have to replace their meters...
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    Prepaid meters - Load Sheds you ?

    Hi all, Can any of you good people tell me why my prepaid meter load sheds me if i using "too much" power :confused:. Seems like it sheds me at 9200w for one min , then another warning for another minute if i continue then really gets going when it sheds me for 30 mins. Any ideas how i can...
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    Eskom Prepaid Meter Numbers

    Hi Guys I am busy developing a script to validate ESKOM prepaid meter numbers. Can anyone help me out with a ESKOM prepaid meter so that I can test my script? You will be rewarded with some free prepaid electricity for your troubles. Much appreciated! PM me.