1. RedViking

    Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Professional Monitor Headphones (Review)

    I was looking for budget studio headphones (around R1500) to track my guitars, and after looking at many option vs price I settled for the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X (R1700) First Impressions. (I will post an update again after at least a week usage.) Wearing them for the first time they fit...
  2. RedViking

    Affordable Studio Headphones (Suggestions)

    I am looking to get affordable Studio Reference Headphones for recording at home. Budget R800-R2000 max. (cheaper will be better for now). I am not planning to do serious mastering with it, mostly to track my guitars, but a little bit of mixing. Usually I would spend a lot of money because it is...
  3. C

    Recording Solution

    We're looking for a solution for TV recording. We have multiple decoders and want to record to PC. This is basically analog recording. Some of the requirements is: Input: BNC or RCA Output: Minimum PAL 720x576 codec h264 or VP6, audio codec MP3, channels 2, bitrate 128, sample rate...
  4. L

    Help! How to record content off DSTV Explora

    My wife is an actress and I have a number of episodes of the show she acted on recorded on my DSTV Explora decoder. I'm looking for a way to record these episodes, or just the scenes she's in, off the DSTV Explora. I know the Explora is specifically built to stop what I'm trying to do, but this...
  5. dampi256

    What software or hardware should I get to record my music on my PC?

    I've been asked this question a lot from people that want to record their guitar/instrument at a high quality without spending loads of money. I've spend loads of hours and money trying to get the most cost effective recording setup at home and so I thought that I'd rather show you how to do...
  6. NeonNinja

    TuneIn Radio recordings

    Any way to access the content recorded off TuniIn Radio? I've tried google. And all results in first two pages are futile. Any aid would be appreciated.
  7. K

    Media Player with Record

    Yellow Can any of you boffins out there help with locating a media player that can record ? There was a 3.5" HDD enclosure thingy for sale at one of the online stores that offered a one-touch-record function, as well as USB input last month but it has since vanished... or I cannot find it...
  8. S

    Do you need signal when watching a recording on PVR

    I tried to watch a recording on my HD PVR (with XtraView to SD PVR) during the rain last week and every time the signal was lost, the recording stopped playing i.e. the PVR went back to the reboot screen. So do you need a signal when watching a recording ? It appears as if you do, which is...
  9. LazyLion

    Using UStream to broadcast your family event

    Hey guys, A friend has asked me to broadcast her wedding over the internet to her family in the USA. So I came across this site... It allows you to live stream / broadcast events to people over the internet. Here is an example of a funeral that was recently...
  10. T

    Hard Disk for studio audio recording PC?

    My mate has setup a studio and he wants a new HD for his PC system. He was asking me about using an external drive to record to, but my opinion is that something like this should be internal, my thinking that a SATA internal is going to be way better speed/reliability wise than external...