1. T

    Religion in Social Groups...

    I think it's going overboard... Sure have one thread per each religion but multiple threads on the same religion does get quite annoying. Also I think it's quite rude to post religion stuff in a thread that isn't based on religion E.g. Someone posted something related to religion in my coffee...
  2. M

    Atheist bus campaign

    Pic Full article here
  3. DJ...

    God, step out of my way - I have work to do!!!!

    I have heard on countless occasions from both theists and atheists, that each "side" respects each other's point of view, and will not try to convert or push their beliefs upon each other. Well I am sorry, but that is a whole heap of horse tripe and I don't buy it for a second. A church is...
  4. Pooky

    Why I am a Theist

    I don't need to explain it to you Atheists. You seem to have the need to pronounce your atheistic views to the world in some sort of an attention seeking behaviour. You have asked us theists to create a thread telling you why we are theists, but I don't see the need. You're welcome to babble...
  5. Necuno

    faith. believe. reglion, they don't like woman ?

    not sure where to start this argument or debate, but here goes. my initial question would be, why is it that in some believe systems its clear that woman has a lesser role than man and how has this come to be? That it seems that they are there to stay at level 1 while men enjoy endless...
  6. M

    If you could ask God 3 questions...

    ...what would it be? This is of course assuming that God exists. Please keep it clean in every aspect. I'd like a decent discussion for a change.
  7. N

    Religion: The Pro's and Con's

    I am an Atheist, which means I do not engage in the activities and thinking patterns of any religious denomination. Now that that is out of the way I hope you guys can join me on a exploration of the positives and negatives of religion and it is worth endorsing or denouncing religion. I ask...
  8. antowan

    Einstein: Religion is childish superstition
  9. M

    Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens

    Aliens FTW!