rent to own

  1. J good are they?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever gotten a vehicle through these guys? is it really RENT TO OWN?!? do they have balloon payments? whats the catch?
  2. B

    Mpumalanga Blacklisted Dealer

    Good day! Does anybody know if there is a Blacklisted/no finance/rent to own dealership in Mpumalanga? Preferably Nelspruit. A friend of mine needs to buy a car, but doesn't have transport to go all the way to Jhb. Please let me know if anybody has an idea about this. Kindest Regards
  3. D

    Rent-to-own vehicles for students?

    Hey guys, So the gist of it: I recently moved back to South Africa, therefore I had all of my belongings with me when I landed. Well as my luck would have it, within one hour of landing and packing my stuff onto a truck to go to my new apartment, I was robbed and beaten by 5 men armed with...
  4. S

    Cheapest Monthly Car Rental

    Where can one get a cheap monthly car rental here in Gauteng especially within the price of ~R3500?