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    LTE Router less than cost from PoyntingDirect - Contact

    Hi We are selling out old stock of ZTE routers for less than cost. Why are we selling them for next to nothing? 1. According to feedback from customers the interface is not very user friendly - but that should not be a problem for MyBB readers:). 2. They do NOT work on Telkom. Please note...
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    Second hand tablet

    Hi All I want to buy second hand tablet on olx,is it wise buying sth like a tab as second hand? I can't justify why I need a brand new one since I can be a lil careless so I want to buy sth that won't cause me a leg and arm,my collegue is using samsung galxaxy tab 10.1 P5100 I am thinking of...
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    Looking for decent (but not necessarily recent) adsl router or AP (R300?) new or used

    Hi. I am looking for something like a Netgear DG834 with an external antenna to be used as ADSL router or just a wifi access point. I saw another thread where lots of folks were saying they have some of these lying around that they want to get rid of. I don't really want to spend more than...