samsung galaxy s ii

  1. H

    Rooting and Flashing the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping to apply an after-market ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2, since Samsung is taking ages to release an updated ROM for this model. Can anyone shed some light on this process - the amount of information on the Internet is vast, so a tried-and-tested approach would be great...
  2. G

    [Important] Galaxy S2 APN not saving

    Hi everyone, I upgraded my Galaxy SII I9100 via -> site and details. The phone upgraded and everything works 100% except mobile data. I take these steps to get mobile data active and working. MTN -> dial *123#...
  3. M

    Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III can now enjoy Jelly Beans with a custom ROM

  4. jes

    Samsung Galaxy S2 update in South Africa: problems explained

    Samsung Galaxy S2 update in South Africa: problems explained Keep on trying, Samsung tells SA users
  5. M

    Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note to get ICS in March

  6. M

    MIUI for the Samsung Galaxy SII

    Is anyone running any MIUI rom? I'm tempted to install but I'd like detailed instructions. Do I need to do the usual wipe factory bla bla bla and then just install the rom with CWM or are there other things I need to do before I install as well? Also, on the MIUI site, they say the unofficial...
  7. HapticSimian

    Galaxy SII pre-emptive Classifieds ad... maybe... sorta

    So... just toying with a few ideas here... What do you guys think I'd be able to get for a brand new, in-the-box, received on upgrade today Galaxy S II... whiff car cradle if MTN's ads are to be believed? R5k maybe? As an aside, what do you fine chaps think a 2-year old Desire in pretty...
  8. QuintonB

    Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy smartphones

    Samsung marks 30 million Galaxy smartphone sales Over 30 milllion Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II models have been sold since release.
  9. M

    Android App for DSTV drifta

    today i note the app is available at the android market...
  10. M

    Samsung galaxy s II

    Just got a news letter from Samsung SA (29.06.2011), advertising the Samsung galaxy s II, is it available yet in SA? :erm: