small claims court

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    Small claims court in Durban?

    Basically I've been scammed in a business deal and the person refuses to pay me back (R10000). I visited two police stations and was told to go to small claims court as both parties initially had an agreement. I have certified copies of her ID and proof of address together with my bank statement...
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    Motor Vehicle Repairs - BMW 1 series

    Hi, I am a female and what I know about the workings of a car engine is scary to say the least, so after I heard a noise coming from the front of the engine, I stopped the car immediately after the noise started as I was not sure if it was serious or not. I drive a 2009 BMW 120i Convertible. I...
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    I owe a someone R12 500.00 which he is now filing for a lawsuit.

    Hi everyone! A month ago, a business associate gave me R5000.00 and I promised him to return it to him as R10 000.00 beginning of January, now we signed a contract and then it stipulated that I will pay R2500 extra if the money comes in later than 10 days. So the contract also stated that...
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    Housing Trubunal or Small Claims Court?

    I am having some trouble with the estate agent of my previous place, they never did a incoming inspection. So I told them according to the law, Rental Housing Act, they have no claim and they should deposit my money back. But she is refusing to comply, now what I want to know is which is faster...