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  1. Jamie McKane

    South African energy minister fires nuclear corporation's board

    South African energy minister fires nuclear corporation's board South African Energy Minister Jeff Radebe has dissolved the board of the Nuclear Energy Corporation, suspended the chief executive officer and appointed Rob Adam as chairman and Don Robertson as interim CEO, his department said...
  2. Jamie McKane

    South African economy emerges from recession

    South African economy emerges from recession South Africa emerged from its first recession in almost a decade in the third quarter as recoveries in manufacturing and agriculture contributed to an increase in economic growth. Gross domestic product rose by an annualized 2.2 percent in the three...
  3. T

    Racial Classification Post-Apartheid

    In the Apartheid Era, racial classification was governed by the Population Registration Act (1950) and enforced by government officials, courts and the Office for Race Classification. This act used various criteria (much of which were terribly humiliating, including the infamous Pencil Test) to...
  4. Bond

    ZAF Twitter Giveaway Pages

    HungryLionSA - once or twice every week. MTNza - almost every Fridays.
  5. L

    South African Gaming Community Discord - Stormrage Gaming

    Hey all! Since Discord now has servers in South Africa you are all welcome to join Stormrage Gaming. Let's bring the community aspect back into gaming
  6. A

    USPS Packages ‘stuck’ in Customs

    I ordered 2 products from reputable companies in the US. Its been about 6 weeks aimce it should have been delivered yet whenever the i check the tracking number on USPS it just says out for delivery. I have a suspicion that these packages are just sitting at customs and nothing is happening...
  7. N

    Black Desert Online now available on our steam store!

    Hey guys, BDO finally came to our steam store and it's Turkiye and Middle East servers! So I picked up BDO for R40 and I'm glad I did! The Game is LOADS of fun and i love every minute of it, its better than ESO and GW2 imo. The PvE is a bit of a grind but it's really not that bad, there are so...
  8. C

    Spotify South Africa Prices confirmation

    So over the past couple of days we have been teased a little more about Spotify making their big debut in South Africa, with an uncertainty put on pricing. I opened up my spotify this morning to find a large Sponsored Banner in Spotify - which does not usually show up unless I'm VPN'ed into a...
  9. N

    Selling On Amazon

    Anyone selling stuff on Amazon for a profit or knows how it works??
  10. S

    Receiving a Parcel from Germany

    So I purchased some items from a seller in Germany and they Posted it to me through Deutsche Post DHL. In the past they used Fedex which took only 6 days to get to me and the items were in good condition. Even though I paid the same for shipping this time (40 euros) they sent it with a different...
  11. S

    playerunknown's battlegrounds servers in South Africa petition

    We nearly have 10k signed EDIT:Good news...
  12. P

    Where can I get my Moto 360 2nd Gen Repaired in South Africa?

    Hi Everyone I have a Motorola 360 2nd Gen smart watch, which ive had for about 2 years, and now the battery doesnt charge anymore. I just wanted to know if there was anywhere in South Africa that could repair it? I tried contacting Lenovo/Motorola but they say i need to send it to the...
  13. Newsfeed

    MTN customers can expect something great in the next 30 days

    MTN customers can expect something great in the next 30 days South Africa’s telecoms industry needs to bring down the price of data, especially out-of-bundle prices and the price of small data bundles.
  14. Newsfeed

    Great South African innovations used around the world

    Great South African innovations used around the world South Africans have brought the world many firsts, from quiet cellular antenna technology to Pratley Putty.
  15. D

    Dynamic DNS service in South Africa?

    Are there any of these services available locally in RSA that are reliable? I see some offer this for R10 per month - but I dont want to upgrade a home DSL package to a business package just to access my home network remotely with Remote Desktop Client on a static IP. I see Telkom...
  16. Newsfeed

    No Google Pixel 2 for South Africa

    No Google Pixel 2 for South Africa South Africa’s mobile network operators still have no plans to offer new Android devices from Google.
  17. I

    South African startup. We need your help!

    Dear lovely humans of MyBroadband, Yes, y'all are lovely. I have a huge favour to ask... our startup, dine4six is on the way to Dublin Tech Summit. Which is cool and all, but doesnt impact you, right? So, we have been entered into a competition that gives us the opportunity to present our...
  18. M

    Green ID Booklets

    Does South Africa still have the facilities to print new green ID books, or did they destroy them after changing over to the new digital "credit card" ID?
  19. F

    Should drugs be decriminalized in South Africa?

    Here's an interesting read about how decriminalizing drugs worked out in Portugal and how it could work in Brazil (and other countries).
  20. Newsfeed

    South Africa has a new bank – TymeDigital

    South Africa has a new bank – TymeDigital South Africa has a new bank. TymeDigital has been issued a licence by the South African Reserve Bank to operate a bank in the country.