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    the higher self

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    Introduction to Islam

    Introduction to Islam (alt URL: intro.wayfarer.co.za) Other threads by me: * Journey through Evolution * Muslim call to Christians * Redirected arguments This thread deals with the basics of Islam, and aims to dispel myths and misunderstandings. Please refrain from embedding pics and vids...
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    Spiritual HypnoTherapy

    Has anyone ever taken part of Spiritual HypnoTherapy? I have been referred to a Hypnotherapist by my father and would like to get some insights on what to expect and what frame of mind I should go into it? Any advice/information/personal experience is duely greatful:)
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    Faith Healing - Challenged and found Wanting.

    So, numerous people have been posting about faith healing recently. Today we had the distinct pleasure of testing the claim. After getting some information about a Faith Healer in Stanger, I did some Googling and found him. DJ...then proceeded to contact the Church in Stanger. Our...
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    Spirituality Thread 2

    Let's try this again.... Reply by Kage You see why i say you are wrong ? Because you're sources are wrong. There is still no study to tie delusion to spirituality. There can never be a study like that, simply because it's a lie. There is also no tie to any sort of disorder for that matter...