1. RedViking

    Happy Mentions Day!

    On 12 December 2018 the @mention tag was revived and the news was proudly announced: and some never lost faith in the system and those maintaining it. It was taken away from us before the sun could set, we were left in darkness with no voice to shout, but it was brought back at sun rise...
  2. antowan

    Don't mess with the tags

    Guys, don't abuse the tags. Keep em relevant. :) I am considering stepping on some fingers if I have to fix tags that got messed by somebody trying to peeve off somebody else... Grrrr. Thanks.
  3. B


    OK, for a bit of an ignoramous like myself, what are the purposes of these new thread tags, how do I use it if I wanted to and what benefit do I get from them - Basically - What are they for - thanks. Just curious :D
  4. I

    Tags/Tag cloud=awesome!

    All the jokes, weird crap and the occasional useful word you tag threads with end up here: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/tags.php Looks frikkin awesome! Can we have a more direct link to it, mods/rpm? like having it at the top?
  5. T


    Is this something new :confused::eek:
  6. rpm

    New forum & member features

    Hi folks I am glad to inform you that there is now significantly more functionality available to all members on these forums. This includes member picture galleries, public messages, extended member profile pages and much more. Be sure to go to your User Control Panel...