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  1. T

    Telkom fair use policy, how much is "fair"

    I got my Telkom ADSL today 4mbps uncapped @ R499 per month. First thing I did was to add a movie on utorrent, speed was half descent at about 300kbps and then... less than 5 minutes after dl started speed dropped to >10kbps. Im extremely upset with telkom, im a new user, I have used less than...
  2. E

    First Generation Xbox Games

    So I recently bought a first generation xbox and I'm looking for sites that i can download games from. Preferably torrents as I'm having a little trouble downloading directly from websites. 1000 internets to anyone who can help:D
  3. C

    Why S.Africans don't seed after downloading a torrent?

    I love seeding files that i have downloaded, do you?
  4. O

    How is Paypal service?

    Hi everyone I am considering registering for paypal so I can buy idm (internet download manager) how is paypal service? how are the fees? I saw FNB have partnered with them and charging 1.5% while paypal charge 2.4% per since idm is 24.99USD i.e R213.91 according to today...
  5. P

    New Local Torrent Site LeechThis

    Hey guys, We have opened the gates to our new torrent site, there are currently 100 slots open for registration. We have an automated Script/Bot uploading content 24/7. (Getting content from scene). We will give our users free VPN Network access in the months to come. (More security)...
  6. risami

    Torrents Issues of late

    Lately I've downloaded various torrents only find out the their content's bloated with crap relating to the download's titles. The torrent sources are from various well known torrent sites and their leech vs seed ratios all seems decent. I'm not amused after wasting Gb's to find out that the...
  7. F

    Axxess suspending account for downloading torrents

    My brother downloaded the movie Salt, from a torrent service, the other day and we got an email from IS saying bla bla delete it or we will suspend your account. I ignored it like many people on MyBroadband, and then today i couldn't connect to the internet. I first thought it was a problem with...