toyota yaris

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    Need advice on which car to buy

    Hi. I need to buy a car. Budget between R50k and R90k My needs are low fuel consumption and low maintenance. I am tempted to go for either around 2005 to present ford ranger double cab selling at less than R100k or around 2005 toyota double cab. If lucky recent years. Selling at less...
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    Hyundai I20 vs Mazda 2 / toyota yaris / polo

    Im wanting to buy a new car. I think I like the look of the i20 more, but now im not sure if the mazda 2 is better. I also like a Toyota yaris. Polo would be my last choice out of the 4. In your opinion, what is the best car? And which of these cars has the better trade-in value ? And...
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    Which student car is better?

    I recently sold my car, and am searching for another one. My budget is R60 000 for a used car. It is very confusing choosing a car, but I managed to narrow it down based on the price of spares, fuel consumption and general quality of the brand. My choices are: 1. Ford Fiesta 2. Ford...