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  1. Jan

    WeBuyCars planning expansion in Egypt, Morocco

    Your used car could be worth much more than a year ago Many second-hand vehicles in South Africa are now worth more than a year ago. That is according to WeBuyCars founder and executive director Faan van der Walt, who was recently interviewed on Talk 702's The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield.
  2. Jan

    Why new and secondhand car prices in South Africa are shooting through the roof

    Car prices in South Africa going through the roof Have you been on AutoTrader lately? If not, you may be surprised to find that South Africa’s already stratospheric car prices are even higher. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to South Africa, though. Across the world, car prices have soared due...
  3. C

    BMW 116i 2011 3 Door Advice

    I'm looking to buy a new car and I managed to find a 2011 BMW 116i 3 DR Manual for R139k with only 85000km's on the clock. IT's from SMG (An approved BMW dealer) and is really in immaculate condition. However, I'm hesitant to even touch a second hand BMW and rather go for a used Ford Focus or...
  4. S

    Advice on buying a hatchback

    I've only ever owned a classic mini which I've had since uni - which I love - but unfortunately the maintenance costs are becoming untenable. My budget is quite flexible, I'm mainly concerned about getting a reliable car, still under service warranty, reasonable to insure, not too high...
  5. P

    Used i20 vs Fiesta

    I'm looking to buy a car around R120k and the 2016 Fiesta has caught my attention. My friend recommends checking the 2016 i20. My priorities are price, fuel economy and reliability. I'm also a bit paranoid of the used car dealerships cause I'm in the Gauteng area so any advice on that too would...
  6. L

    Opinions on buying 2002 Polo Classic for R30000?

    Looking to get some thoughts on this car being sold by a friend who is going overseas (photo to show version of the Polo in question). I have been looking at more expensive options, but could certainly save some money with this choice. It is high mileage (180000 km) but has had a lot of work...
  7. L

    Car recommendations in the R50-80000 bracket

    Hello everyone, I'm a 24 year old Masters student looking to buy a cheap car for getting to work from next year after I finish my degree. My main considerations are something with good fuel economy, cheap to insure and run (considering servicing etc.) and reliable. In an ideal world...
  8. D

    2012 Audi A4 1.8T, 115000km, too good to be true?

    Hi car gurus. I'm planning to buy a used car. While looking for an i20, I ran into an Audi A4 selling for 89k. It seems to be in great condition from the outside. The owner claims 115000km on the clock and zero accidents. Isn't the price a tad too low for the mileage of the car? I have also...
  9. eg2505

    Best checklist for checking a used car out.

    Hi Guys, so when you check a used car, what do you look for? kick the tires and your done? Dekra/AA check? or something a bit more comprehensive like this? what Im wondering is there an app based version of this...
  10. J

    Audi Sold as 2006 but is 2005, WHAT DO I DO?

    So.... a couple of days ago I purchased a car from a "reputable" dealership. I drove away confident i had found a good deal. I adjusted my rear view mirror and the entire thing fell off,and to add to it a loud and hard knock appeared from under the car so i took it to a mechanic to check.. the...
  11. O

    What are the documents to receive when buying used car?

    Hi, I will be buying a used car from a dealer or private seller very soon. I am in the final stages negotiating the final price with both. I need information on which documents I must receive from either seller to confirm the car is mine? I want to avoid buying a stolen car I want...
  12. S

    How good is a 2005 Kia Carens 2.0CRDi?

    Hi all, I'm in the used car market looking to buy my first car. I recently came across a 2005 Kia Carens with 200000km mileage and it's going for R43000 which really meets my budget of R40k- 50k. My problem is that my mechanic friends have never serviced or repaired a Kia Carens. Does...
  13. B

    Car for R80k - what would you buy?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping the accumulated knowledge of the forum users here can help to guide me in deciding on which cars to seriously look at, drive and from those ultimately buy. I recently had someone drive into me. And insurance are calling my Corsa Lite a write-off. They are valuing...
  14. S

    Accident history before buying a used car?

    Hello I am interested in a used vehicle, but I need the truth on the accident history. Where can I get that? I have been searching for an hour now
  15. G

    Buying a used car

    Hi guys. I need your help. I am lady driver and I am considering buying a used car. The car that I am loving is the Mazda 3 Sports Dynamic and a private seller I saw is selling his for R100000 with a mileage of 34000km. It sounded too good to be true then I asked if the car was on any motor plan...