1. Rouxenator

    Name cars that stole the Mercedes E-Class headlight design

    The W210 E-class had a pretty bold design for the time when it was released. The 4 headlights were met with mixed reaction from the motoring public. Being somewhat controversial does however mean you will have copy cats that try to imitate or pull off some of the striking design features. So...
  2. F

    Need to buy new tyres - suggestions?

    The time has come for me to replace the tyres on my Golf. And since I have never had to buy tyres before, I would really appreciate some pointers. I don't have any aftermarket wheels or anything. Ignore the "ding", seems the only photos I have that show my wheels are from my accident last...
  3. C

    VW Polo Vivo 2011 Model

    Hi every one, I hope someone can give me some feed back, so I know i am not the only one. I purchased a VW Polo Vivo 1.6l 2011 last year the end of May. I have always wanted to get a VW and was thrilled to eventually have my own one. Since I got my new Polo Vivo, I have been hearing a...
  4. S

    97 VW Citi Golf, popping like a water balloon

    Ok, so, I have a 97 VW Citi Golf 1.3l mean machine, what happened about 8 months ago was the pipe that feeds water through the heater control burst and it pissed all its water out on the freeway, in the pouring rain, normally one would just stop, top up the water and get to a garage to fix it...
  5. D

    Volkswagen Golf 5 2.0 Comfortline

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how the fuel consumption is on the normal Volkswagen Golf 5 2.0 L (NON FSI). I'm looking into buying one of these but have no idea how fuel consumption is going to be like and is quite a important factor these days. If anyone can comment from experience with...
  6. Rouxenator

    Opel concept rival for the VW Up!

    Don't get me wrong, I am thoroughly impressed with the VW Up! and I really hope it makes it to SA. However it seems Opel is working on a concept that could be direct competition for the Up! Perhaps this is a replacement for the Agila?
  7. Rouxenator

    Volkswagen CEO Gets Upset Over Hyundai Build Quality,news-12669.html Guess thats cause Hyundai Europe is based in Rüsselsheim Germany (Opel's home town :p)
  8. Rouxenator

    Isn't that what you expect from a Volkswagen driver ?
  9. Rouxenator

    A good looking VW - but why don't I see more of them?

    Yes, inevitably my least favorite brand of car had to make something that I actually enjoy looking at. I have been eying this one for a week or so now on my evening jog but unlike every other model of VW I have failed to see them to the point of boredom on the roads. Why are there no other...
  10. S

    Average accidents one driver should be involved in his lifetime (If there is such)

    I ask this question having written off 2 vehicles since 2005 ( all in JHB), VW 1.9tdi Sportline :( and more recently 2010 Hyundai i20 1.4 :mad:..I am a 27year old male and residing in JHB.
  11. Rouxenator

    Good use for a Z4

    Tow a VW.... Oh, the regular VAG trolls are welcome to comment.
  12. Rouxenator

    A (VW) picture is worth a thousand words

    I just had to take this one cause it had so many things in it that came together at the same time. Pity I did not take a pic last Wednesday when I was in a 10km fun-run and passed a Polo with its hood up - oh the funny say things that could have come out of that :D
  13. F

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta vs VW Golf vs the rest

    So I love the looks of the Giulietta (1.4 Multiair), and comparing it to the benchmark that is VW Golf it doesn't fare so badly on paper... in fact its very competent. What do you guys think? Anyone driven the Giulietta, how does it fare against the Golf? Also, locally the Alfa matches the...
  14. d0b33

    VW Express service worth it?

    I'm going to need a service soon, nothing major... now I could do the oil change, oil filter,air filter, fuel filter myself but I would like a professional service done first, my question is has any VW owners used the express service? what does it cost on average? since it does not include...
  15. Rouxenator

    New Astra GTC (looks much better than scirocco)

    Can you say GT See that sexy car ? Sleepi rocco....
  16. Rouxenator

    VAG for Fazda (don't be jealous now JK8)

    Saw this VAG outside my window and I just knew it would make Fazda all fuzzy inside :
  17. Rouxenator

    And they said red cars were reliable

    That's relaxing Saturday afternoon driving for you :p
  18. Rouxenator

    Buying a new car : Why I'm not buying the world car of the year 2010 (Polo)

    So this weekend I decided its time to buy a new car again. I got my last new car 10 years ago for my 19th birthday and bought one used car since then. I did a little searching around and was surprised that my personal favorite, the Opel Corsa, is a much better deal than the oh so common Polo...
  19. Rouxenator

    Two steps required to keep your VW running

    1) Unscrew the cap of the mineral water bottle 2) Pour water into VW
  20. T

    Beetle 75th celebrations at SA Mint

    Calling all Beetle enthusiasts. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Beetle.