1. Rouxenator

    Starry nights, Citi Golfs and braaivleis (where you are the braaivleis)

    Sad story : Mthatha - A man was burnt to death when his car collided with a bakkie on the N2 between Mthatha and Qumbu, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday...
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    The joys of motoring in summer

    When the skies are clear and the weather is fine - you could be : ...fixing your VAG...chillin' in your Corsa Gotta love summer motoring :D
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    New Cruze & Astra safer than VW Scirocco

    I was quite surprised when I had a look at the latest EuroNCAP test and saw that the new GM Delta II platform seems to be safer than whatever it is the VW Scirocco is built on. VW Scirocco : Adult Occupant = 31 points (87%) Child Occupant = 36 points (73%)...
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    VAG stepping over the line

  5. J

    Best VW Service Centre in Durban?

    Hi Guys, My Golf 5 tdi is coming up for it's 75,000 km service. I bought it a few months ago and not sure which VW service centre in Durbs is best? Hoopers Alpine Barons Weiss McCarthy Durban McCarthy Umhlanga I'm more worried about quality of service than price. Does anyone...
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    The problem with performance VWs....

    They just cannot hold on to their numberplates !
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    We want Škoda !

    This is a thread for anyone that thinks VWSA should bring Škoda into South Africa. If nobody responds then VWSA will most likely bring in Škoda since the last thing they want to do is actually to listen to the motor buying public. Lets hear it for Škoda !!!
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    Polo-stylin' lesson 5 : Broken rear wiper

    Yes folks, its time for another lesson in Polo-stylin'. By closely observing the behaviors and modifications made by other Polo owners this thread is aimed to help you be more like your fellow Polo drivers (and what a lot you are!). So far we have looked at Chrome door handles and the usage...
  9. H

    Jetta mk3 face lift parts

    I've got a 95 jetta mk3, and as such, the upper sections of its bumpers and its rear headlights are lighter and not of the "smoked" variety like the newer (96 -99) mk3s sport. I want to replace these parts with the new colour-coded bits. I've checked out autostyle, and for the smoked rear...
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    A CITI Golf flew past my Astra!!!

    At first I could not believe what I saw Yes! It really was a CITI Flying past my Astra !!! But like most other VWs that did that It was on the back of a towtruck :p
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    Smooth ridin Polo

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    Why gold is the best colour for a Polo.

    Yes folks, its time again for a lesson in Polo Stylin'. In the past we have covered topics such as chrome door handles and duct tape mirrors but today we focus on something much more important - Polo paint colour selection! Since your Polo will spend a lot of time alone, next to the road...
  13. P

    VW Polo Service Spanner

    Ok so we serviced our Polo a couple weeks ago and the guy who did it sent us to the VW dealership to get rid of the spanner that shows up telling you to get it serviced. We thought they used a whole computer thingy to turn it off but the guy just fiddled around with the key and the odometer...
  14. P

    Just Saw a Golf 6!!!

    My word it's the most beautiful car in the world!!!! I am in love with it.
  15. Rouxenator

    New Opel Astra I :1 , VW Golf & Ford Focus :0

    Very nice video featuring a disguised prototype new Astra :D Don't worry VAG lovers - the Astra 9(I) won't be coming to SA to make your stationwagon-look-alike Golf 6 eat dust.... yet :cool:
  16. Rouxenator

    Flower Power Suxs !

    I felt really bad after driving by, I should have asked if I could tow them but the last thing I want in my Astra's rear a chrome VW bumper. Then again their brakes did seem to work as it held the position on the hill quite well. I have seen this one before actually, parked just down...
  17. Rouxenator

    Why South Africans love bakkies

    Yeah, it's been a while since I took a jab at VW :D But I'm still cruising with the N82 ready to capture some more VW embarrassment :cool:
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    Is duct tape cooler than chrome door handles?

    So it seems that chrome door handles are a No-no on your black Po-lo. But what about duct tape on your door mirrors? Especially when it has been there for a long time and gravity is working its magic on this unique but unfortunate autostyle :D
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    When the trafficops help with a breakdown...

    You just know... Its a Volkswagen ! Where most VW owners spend a lot of time :p
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    Is chrome door handles cool?

    I know it is definately cold driving with the window down and sunroof open when it is 11 degrees outside (those are requirements for a smoke in the morning traffic) - but since when is it cool to have chrome door handles ?! Or are they standard on the car ?